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Andrew Kamal

Andrew Kamal is a conservative activist for constitutional rights, traditional family values, free speech and the second amendment. He has a passion for a wide variety of topics and would consider himself more of a deontologist who leans far right. He is currently a Computer Engineering student with a curiosity about many things going on in the world. In his free time, he works on a variety of projects, and you can often find him engaging in discussions about worldly events. Topics Andrew likes writing about are: Free Trade, the Economy, Liberal Bias, and Liberty.

Articles From Andrew

How my campus is biased against conservatives

Universities pander to liberals, socialist values, and self-entitlement to the point where it limits a constitutional republic, open dialogue, and free speech on college campuses. The way they pander is solely by a false narrative of political correctness. In the past, I have seen all sorts of secularist and anti-conservative events on my campus — […]