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Conservatives, it’s time to care about the environment

The left’s monopoly on the environment has caused conservatives to be stereotyped as climate change deniers and unaware of environmental issues. It is well overdue that conservatives reclaim what it means to be an environmentalist. In order to do so, conservatives must take the initiative to not only care about the environment, but actively work […]

Seattle fires research team that proved minimum wage hike would hurt low-wage workers

Seattle leaders are displaying shocking bias by turning over a study on their minimum wage increase to Michael Reich, a left-leaning economics professor at the University of California Berkeley, after their initial sanctioned study with the University of Washington (UW) proved their decision to raise the wage was having adverse effects. Seattle’s 2014 legislation called for […]

The generation accused of ‘killing’ every industry is saving libraries

From the napkin industry to Buffalo Wild Wings, it seems as though millennials take the blame for the failure of a new industry every day. However, a new study released by Pew Research center has found that millennials are the most likely out of every American generation to use the services of a public library. […]

How we can actually end the wage gap

The National Committee on Equal Pay has selected today to be Equal Pay Day. The date shifts each year, depending on how “far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year.” The day has feminists calling for an end to the “pay gap” and urging other women to […]

Trump women face opposition at NYFW and gain unlikely defenders

Last Thursday marked the end of New York Fashion Week and an example of more left wing feminist hypocrisy. During the event, liberal journalists managed to shame both Melania and Tiffany Trump. These “champions” for women made sure those around them knew they were not supporters of the Trump ladies and chose to show this […]

Why millennials should oppose the border adjustment tax

House Speaker Paul Ryan stood before the Republican Senate lunch last Tuesday to make his case for the Border adjustment tax. Previously, Speaker Ryan defined the border adjustment tax as a “compromise between a tariff… and conservative orthodoxy against border taxes.” GOP Senate members have expressed growing concern over the 20% tax on imports. Sen. […]

People, stop breaking up over Trump and politics

A 22-year marriage came to an end after a woman’s husband expressed he might vote for Trump. The couple lives in Washington state and has reportedly always had differing political views. Gayle McCormick is a self described “Democratic-leaning socialist” and shared that her husband, Bill, leans right. McCormick told reporters that when she found out […]

Ironic: How the Women’s March “strike” will grow the wage gap

Organizers of the Women’s March have planned a new activity to advance their cause — although you can expect this one to involve much less action. The event was first announced yesterday morning on the Women’s March Twitter account. A single phrase reading “The will of the people will stand” accompanied a photo that hinted […]