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Obama’s executive overreach is challenging the foundation of our Republic

Barack Obama

James Madison, along with the other founders, saw the separation of powers and the inherent checks as central to our Republic. That is why the current executive’s continuous violation of that separation is particularly disturbing.

Conservatives are framing the climate change debate wrong


My car got stuck in the snow yesterday, obviously leading me to blame global warming — or maybe it was the lack of it.

That’s basically what the debate on climate change has come down to: an argument over the daily weather report and an attempt to apply questionable scientific conclusions to barely-related policy.

But when conservatives allow the climate change debate to be framed this way, they’re setting themselves up to be labeled ‘anti-science.’ They’re setting themselves up to lose.

Attack on the middle class: How Obamacare is hurting those who are already in pain

Thanks, Obamacare

Over the last few weeks, millions of Americans have discovered that their current health insurance plans are being cancelled as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Many of those Americans are also discovering that new plans on the exchanges will cost them significantly more. Both realities are in direct contradiction with the promises that President Obama and the Democrats used to sell ACA in 2009.

Five big lies Democrats told the American people about Obamacare

Barack Obama wink

Raised premiums, notices of cancelled policies and a failed website have become the norm for Americans today under Obamacare. Yet the Obama administration continues to spout the same talking points no matter the anecdotes to the contrary. Check out the 5 biggest lies Democrats told to the American people about Obamacare.

President Obama’s shutdown

Barack Obama press conference

As with every artificial political crisis in recent years, the government shutdown has led to a media focus on which side should be blamed. One thing that has been ignored in this discussion is that President Obama has publicly declared he is refusing to negotiate on these issues. Despite Democrats only representing a minority in the House, President Obama has essentially decided he would hold the government hostage until he gets everything he wants. Despite this reality, Democrats and their allies are trying to portray the Republicans as unreasonable.

John Grisham’s account of the ‘innocent’ Guantanamo detainee is mostly fictional

John Grisham

Author John Grisham’s recent stirring account that appeared in The New York Times regarding Guantanamo Bay detainee Nabil Hadjarab — an Algerian who has been stuck in the facility for 11 years — suggests the prisoner is completely innocent.

However, the reality is, much like Grisham’s books, this account is mostly fiction.

Guardian scoop about NSA surveillance program appears to be incorrect

National Security Agency NSA

Worried that the National Security Agency is obtaining your data through the servers of Google and Facebook? You’ve probably got nothing to worry about.

8 journalists who downplayed the Benghazi scandal


As new facts are uncovered about the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya last September, it’s become increasingly clear that many in the mainstream media really did cover up the severity of the attack during their initial reports, choosing instead to paint it as a overreaction by Washington Republicans.

The complete guide to immigration reform

Illegal Immigration sign

With so many proposals for immigration reform floating around Washington these days, it’s hard to keep track of what’s in each of them.

As a result, we here at Red Alert Politics have taken the time to dissect three of the major immigration reform proposals on the table to show you what each of them encompasses and where the major differences in the plans can be found.

Stacy’s mom and the Republican Party have got it going on

mom and girl

Much like responsible parents that administer discipline and encourage their children to do homework, it’s imperative that Republicans continue to hold the line on entitlement spending and not cave in an effort to be the “cool” adults.


President Obama’s Recycled Strategy

President Obama Press Conference

Does this sound familiar?

1) There is an important problem that requires Congress and the President to act. (entitlement reform, viable budget, sequestration, fiscal cliff, debt limit hike, etc.)

2) House Republicans propose and pass a bill with what they consider a good solution to the problem.

3) President Obama and Senate Democrats realize it is easier to attack the Republican plan than propose their own, so they refuse to propose a real bill.

4) President Obama delivers several campaign-like speeches filled with strawmen portraying Republicans as unreasonable, uncaring and somehow responsible for a lack of solution.

5) No permanent solution is achieved.

It should. This cycle has been repeated on every major issue that has come up since Republicans took over the House in 2011.

CNN report gives conservatives false hope of pro-gun provision in Obamacare

CNN logo tilted

This week, CNN reported on what they labeled a “secret” provision put in the Healthcare law by Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) that was aimed at keeping gun-right groups from opposing the law. Conservatives have long argued that since most members of Congress did not read the law, there are several parts of it that we do not yet understand. This CNN report gave conservatives hope that some of those parts may even have ended up benefiting some conservative causes.

Union temper tantrum in Michigan ignores facts about right-to-work laws

The only word to describe what is currently occurring in Michigan is insanity.

Today democratically elected state representatives in Michigan are set to pass a bill to make Michigan a right-to-work. This bill will be passed in the context of Michigan essentially suffering a one-state recession for the past decade and Michigan voters rejecting several pro-union referendums in the November election.  Instead of respecting the democratic process and attempting to sway voters in future elections, Democrats and their union allies have reacted by threatening a political war and throwing a public tantrum.

The GOP Path to victory in the fiscal cliff debate

Republicans are in a tough position on negotiations regarding the upcoming fiscal cliff.

President Obama knows this and therefore has no interest in a deal. His proposal for a deal is essentially his budget, which did not get even one Democratic vote in either the Senate or the House earlier this year.  In addition, his negotiations began by demanding Republicans not only give him everything he has previously requested, but also included several new, unreasonable demands, proving he is not interested in a compromise. But Obama knows that the media will support his unwillingness to compromise with Republicans, so he can get away such audacious proposals.

Republicans do not have that luxury.

Attention NYT: The decline of public services and infrastructure in the U.S. is not related to lower tax rates

I have a theory that no one has less understanding of the economy than New York Times columnists.  My theory was one again proven by Nicholas Kristof’s latest op-ed.
Kristof tries to suggest that a decline in certain public services and our infrastructure has to be linked to a reduction in tax rates since the 1950s. The logic there is that public services have declined, and so have tax rates, so the two MUST be linked.

Solving the Republican immigration dilemma

The recent presidential election loss has many Republicans talking about immigration reform and the changing demographics of America. Several conservative commentators have suggested that the GOP should agree to an amnesty bill in hopes that will give the Republican Party an opportunity to compete for the Hispanic vote. This would be a fatal mistake. Giving illegal immigrants amnesty would come off as pandering and would not actually address the issues Hispanics voters have with the Republican Party.

A Better Choice: The Case for Mitt Romney

Every election always seems like it is more important than the last, but this time it may actually be true. Americans will go to the polls and decide whether to keep our country on the same path we have been on for the past four years or to change course.

There is one fact that should make this an obvious choice: Americans are not better off than they were four years ago. From high unemployment to shrinking household incomes to a failed budget and a foreign policy disaster, American have a very clear choice to make.

Top Ten Videos Making the Case for Supporting Mitt Romney

The Romney campaign and his various SuperPACs have issued a lot of hard-hitting ads. Here are the ten best ads that make the case for voters to give Mitt Romney their vote on November 6:

1) Romney’s RNC Biographical Tribute Video:

This extended video was played at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL.

Ten Recent Underreported Gaffes from Barack Obama and his Administration

There have been plenty of gaffes and negative stories during this campaign season, but many have noticed a trend emerge: gaffes originating from Barack Obama, his administration and his campaign are often mitigated by a lack of coverage. The past two weeks has been a primary example of this phenomenon as countless embarrassing stories and statements from President Obama and his reelection campaign have been mostly ignored by much of the press. One has to wonder how these would be covered if they had come from a Republican:

1) President Obama stated that concern over Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon is just “noise.” Interestingly, this is the same word that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used on this topic.

A Day Symbolic of the Obama Presidency

Yesterday started as a day where Americans should have felt united in our commemoration of the tragedy that occurred on September 11th, 2001. The two presidential campaigns had seemingly agreed to avoid major attacks today and almost the whole country was focused on remembering that tragic day and the unity that followed.

However, just like the trajectory of this Presidency, it went downhill rather fast due to the reality of incompetence and failure that permeates this administration. Apologies in the face of attacks and lack of solemn awareness of a national tragedy plagued the administration yesterday.