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Adam is a Sophmore at Mississippi State University studying Professional Meteorology. He is from Chicago, Illinois and in addition to being a contributor for Red Alert Politics, he is also a contributor to Hypeline. You can follow him on Twitter at @asabes101.

Articles From Adam

Variety’s Inauguration cover explains exactly why Trump won the election

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Hollywood celebrities have tried to have a major voice in this past year’s election, and whether you like it or not, they failed. Hillary Clinton had the support of almost all of Hollywood in this past election, from celebrities like Madonna, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, to even the president himself. In addition to […]

Google botches MLK Day, prioritizes Robert E. Lee’s birthday in 3 states

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Across the country, people are celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day for all of the amazing accomplishments and civil rights advancements that he accomplished. Coincidentally, MLK Day also lands on the same day as Robert E. Lee’s birthday. Robert E. Lee led the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia and served as a general for the […]

Celebrity Privilege: Twitter censors for celebs, but won’t block ISIS threats

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Celebrities always have an easier way of gaining attention than everyone else. It’s never been more evident than during this past election season with countless videos imploring voters not to back Trump. This past weekend, this liberal celebrity privilege has been taken to a whole new level. Over the weekend, a Twitter user named Amy […]

After Trump win, Canadian colleges see spike in US applicants

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Remember the time where some American liberals said that they would move to Canada if Trump won the election? That time could be now. Since the presidential election on November 8th, colleges across Canada from Quebec to British Colombia all say that website visits and applications have been up from before the election — and by a […]

Mizzou’s black frat met with the College Republicans. It smashed safe spaces

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After a heated election season, many students across the country were feeling different emotions. Some were happy, while others were upset and angry. Across the country on college campuses, these emotions were seen in a variety of ways including walkouts, violent protests, and even professors voicing their extreme opinions. One professor went as far as […]

Professor calls Trump’s election “an act of terrorism” [VIDEO]

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The 2016 election has been historic and will be remembered for a long time. For some, the results did not turn out the way that they would have liked and decided to be vocal about it — especially on college campuses. Across the country, thousands of students from schools like Indiana, Penn State, UMass, and even […]

Liberals attempt to create ‘sanctuary campus’ at Ole Miss (but fail majorly)

Photo by Robert Jordan

Over the past few weeks since Donald Trump’s election, students at colleges across the country have been calling for their schools to become a “sanctuary campuses” to ensure that illegal immigrants can attend college without fear of being deported. This past week, University of Mississippi student senator Allen Coon, along with other student senators, the Ole Miss […]