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College Republicans called “c*nts” by campus vandal

Vandals at University of North Carolina-Wilmington (UNCW) refuse to let the UNCW College Republicans advertise for their upcoming event with Mike Adams, titled, “Three Threats to Campus Liberty.”

Last Tuesday, the UNCW CRs started hanging up flyers around campus to advertise their event but they were torn down within a day. Since then, chapter president Elise Yost has been replacing the fliers every day. Yost told Red Alert Politics she’s had to replace up to 14 fliers.

After a while, the CRs left a note attached to their flier which read, “Dear whoever keeps removing our flyers, for each one you take down, we’ll put two more up. Your choice.”

After the weekend, they came back to find that the flier had once again been removed, but this time the perpetrator left a nasty note, which read, “I can do this all day, c*nts.”

The College Republicans once again put their fliers back up and put “a ton of thumb tacs on them to make them more difficult to remove.” Despite this, two more were removed and one was defaced with the note “my wife left me because I f*ck dogs” scribbled over the upcoming speaker’s face.

Yost has been in email communication with Chancellor Jose Sartarelli, who, last year, sent a campus-wide email defending free speech, and asked him to address the ongoing situation. UNCW’s Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Chief Counsel are looking into the events and have offered to put up the fliers in locked display boxes.

“The fliers we’re putting up are for an event about free speech on college campuses. Whoever is tearing down and vandalizing our fliers should know that while they’re calling us names, we’re defending their First Amendment rights,” Yost told Red Alert Politics.


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