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Lauren Southern speech highlights the perils of socialism

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Canadian right-wing commentator Lauren Southern gave a speech last week at the University of Minnesota titled “The Problems with Socialism.”

She began her speech by pointing out that socialism’s popularity is on the rise in America as shown by a poll showing four in ten Americans would support a socialist system over a capitalist system. She also noted the popularity of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Southern acknowledged that capitalism is not a perfect system.

“Capitalism, with all its many flaws that I do admit exist, is a hell of a lot better than five-hour bread lines and no iPhones.”

She also shared a quote from Winston Churchill, who said,“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings where as the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.”

After pointing out the problems that socialism has caused in Venezuela, she then began to talk about how socialism impacts the family and culture. She illustrated how the welfare state supports and encourages single motherhood, which has increased exponentially since the “War on Poverty” first began. As Southern explained, “With a marriage to government, welfare queens get all the benefits of a breadwinning husband without any of the responsibilities of actually being in a marriage.”

She then talked about how the destruction of the nuclear family is one of the goals of socialism and Marxism since it opens the door to more government control.

“The destruction of culture, the Church, and the family is integral to the eternal reliance on the state,” she said.

Southern concluded her half-hour speech with a joke about Communism, saying “We should have known communism would fail. There were a lot of red flags.”    

Southern first became popular two years ago after her video “Why I am Not a Feminist” went viral. She worked for The Rebel Media until earlier this year, when she became an independent journalist creating content on her YouTube channel. She also ran unsuccessfully for a seat in the Canadian House of Commons on the Libertarian Party ticket.  

The leftists on campus tried to do everything they could to shut down her event, including distributing “Punch a Nazi” posters featuring Southern’s face all across the campus. While about 200 protesters gathered outside of her event hoping to shut her down, their efforts failed. She even managed to deliver her entire speech without getting doused with pepper spray like what happened to her fellow Rebel alumnus Gavin McInnes.  

Southern has made it clear that she will not allow the so-called “antifascists” to prevent her from getting her message across on college campuses. She also recently visited Florida State University and will make an appearance at UC-Irvine on November 16 to discuss the migrant crisis, an area in which she’s very passionate.  

If more young right-wingers demonstrated Ms. Southern’s heroic courage, traditionalists might have a shot at winning the culture war after all.

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