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Feminist students push for “sustainable sex” during “Menstruation Mondays”

Tampons for everyone! (Photo via AP)

Activists at Johns Hopkins University are asking their fellow classmates to think more broadly on the concept of feminism, by incorporating environmentalism and focusing on “sustainable sex.”

During a new event series called “Feminist Mondays,” Hopkins students are seeking to inform others on how third-wave feminism as well as environmental sustainability associate with each other. According to the activists, environmentalism plays a coherent, intrinsic role in the promotion of feminism.

During the most recent “Feminist Monday,” students handed out “sustainably-produced” and “carcinogen-free” condoms, which were produced by manufacturers who pay “fair wages.”

Hopkins Feminists President Alizay Jalisi spoke on the necessity for student awareness regarding “environmental justice” and “gender equity.” She also said she believes minority groups are suffering under the Trump administration through climate change.

“Our goal is to have people on campus informed about how environmental justice is closely linked to the fight for gender equity,” Jalisi expressed in an email. “Under our current presidential administration, minority groups (women, trans, and non-binary individuals) are and will be disproportionately affected by climate change.”

This week, the group will introduce an event called “Menstruation Monday” which will involve a trivia game where Johns Hopkins students can “win sustainably produced menstruation products like pads and tampons.”

“Most widely-available menstruation products are very unsustainable due to the use of plastics for tampon applicators and bleached cotton,” Kyra Meko, president for Students for Environmental Action, explained.

“The event will provide information on ways to menstruate more sustainably and an opportunity to donate to an organization that facilitates access to menstrual resources for people who would otherwise not have them,” read the Hopkins Feminists’ Facebook page. “Make your period practices more environmentally friendly!

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