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Triggered or Treat: Halloween in Trump’s America

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The President of the United States has promised many times that in Trump’s America, we can say “Merry Christmas” again. However, less than one year into his presidency, can Americans celebrate Halloween in all its politically-incorrect glory?

This Halloween, it seems as though the answer is still no. Although Trump’s job is to shape and guide policy, not fight the culture war, the PC-police are still out in full force and costume fanatics and trick-or-treaters alike are being lectured on making sensitive choices. What can be done?

The list of bad Halloween costumes includes Native Americans, gauchos and vaqueros, geishas, Bollywood dancers, and even cops and robbers. Sadly, a nod to anything historical or international may be considered racially charged, and half of present day occupations are somehow equally as offending.

Of course, Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint or Trayvon Martin costumes are in poor taste, but the left doesn’t stop there. Quite frankly anything based in reality may offend someone because quite literally anything in the world can be misconstrued as offensive for today’s college snowflakes.

via Heidelberg University’s Office of Multicultural Student Affairs Twitter

To that end, colleges are having dress rehearsals for students to practice Halloween-sensitivity and are passing out guides and flowcharts to help students understand what is appropriate and what might be a cultural appropriation or demeaning to another person’s heritage. In some instances, college security officers are pre-screening costumes for campus Halloween parties. What’s perhaps most surprising however, is what the left thinks is appropriate.

If fat-shaming is truly an issue of importance to the left, why is a “Fat Hula Dancer Costume” sold without pushback? Why, if mansplaining is so prevalent and alarming, are retailers not experiencing boycotts for selling a men’s “Tampon Costume”? And despite sexual assault and harassment plaguing both campus and Hollywood culture, the left has fallen silent on costumes like “Adult Giant Boob Costume” and the “Rub Me Genie Costume.”

You see, the left isn’t interested in sensitivity or respect; the left is interested in issues that divide us. How else can they convince voting blocs that they’re oppressed and need the government’s assistance? After all, issues which plague every race and ethnicity, such as issues of weight, don’t seem to be a problem (re: Fat Hula Dancer Costume.)

The illogical morality policing doesn’t stop there, however. For years, many have pushed for Disney and other production companies to cast minority characters in leading roles. Now that their request has been granted in the form of Moana, a Polynesian main character starring in the 2016 Disney animation by the same name, little girls who are overjoyed to dress up as their favorite Disney character may somehow be innately racist if their skin color doesn’t match that of the animation they aspire to be! Would the left prefer Disney integrate minorities as main characters and children want nothing to do with them? I would hope not.

The Blaze’s Allie Stuckey put it best when she offered her own flow chart, parodying that of the college flow chart, during an interview on Fox & Friends First.

The opening question read, “Do you want to wear a costume?” with two optional answers: Yes and No. Regardless of which answer you choose, the corresponding result is “Do what you want.”

Part of President Trump’s agenda to Make America Great Again is the idea that political correctness will fall to the wayside as freedom and common sense take its place. This doesn’t always come in the form of legislation, but in the actions of the people. As Stuckey plainly puts it, “Do(ing) what you want” is a darn good start. 

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