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Son of former Fox News host died with a drug 50x more lethal than heroin in his system

(Screenshot via @ericbolling twitter account)

Former Fox News host Eric Bolling announced that his son, Eric Chase, died of an opioid overdose on September 8.

Bolling tweeted Wednesday evening that the coroner ruled his 19-year-old son’s death an “accidental overdose.”

The former Fox News host told the public the same day President Trump declared the opioid crisis a “National Public Health Emergency.”

“Almost every American has witnessed the horrors of addiction. Whether it’s through their own struggle or through the struggle of a friend, a co-worker, a neighbor or, frankly, a family member, our current addiction crisis, and especially the epidemic of opioid deaths, will get worse before it gets better. But get better it will,” Trump said Wednesday.

According to reports by the Washington Post, Eric Chase had a mixture of opioids and Fentanyl in his system when he died. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is 50 times more lethal than heroin. Bolling said that it was opiates that caused his son’s death, as it is believed to have been an accident.

Following his first tweet, Bolling shared a picture of his son with the President saying, “we must fight against this national epidemic, too many innocent victims.”

Eric Chase died just a day after his father was fired from Fox News after sexual harassment allegations surfaced. He studied economics at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

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