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Newsweek laments that Hollywood libs aren’t convincing gun owners to change their ways

(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

A recent op-ed from Newsweek complained that gun control ads are ineffective at influencing American gun owners. The author, Emily Gaudette, argues that the gun control movement lacks celebrities who conservatives favor or admire.

Gaudette references a new gun control public service announcement from the Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, which features celebrities Bill Hader, Emma Stone, Melissa McCarthy, Julianne Moore and more. In other words, the usual suspects.

She points out that Hader and McCarthy both mocked former members of President Trump’s team (Anthony Scaramucci and Sean Spicer) in Saturday Night Live skits, making them even less credible to conservative gun owners.

“There’s nothing wrong with any of these people speaking their minds, but here’s the problem: All are left-leaning Hollywood insiders with a slim chance of changing the minds of people who support gun ownership,” she notes.

The article goes on to stereotype gun owners, suggesting that Everytown should instead “recruit the celebrities those people love” like Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Keanu Reeves, and Sam Hunt, or “the stars of shows that conservatives favor” like The Walking Dead, The Voice, and NCIS.

While there’s nothing to suggest that these celebrities would be effective at changing the minds of Second Amendment supporters – or have any desire to – Gaudette makes a compelling argument about these liberal mouthpieces.

Most Americans are tired of hearing the same bleeding heart liberals of Twinkletown telling us how to think and behave. These Hollywood elitists failed to convince Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton during the election. They failed to convince Electoral College electors to go rogue after the election. And they continue to fail their liberal causes in the Trump era. The left will never win any battles by using the same losing strategy of celebrity endorsement.

The glitterati of La La Land may be able to sell Americans new designer clothes or makeup, but they should give up on selling their political ideas to those across the aisle.

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