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Greg Pence, the Vice President’s brother, is running for Congress

(Screenshot via campaign video)

Almost a year after his younger brother was elected Vice President of the United States, Greg Pence has announced his candidacy for US Congress. Pence, a veteran, businessman, and native of Columbus, Indiana, hopes to represent the Hoosier state’s 6th district in the U.S. House of Representatives – a seat currently occupied by Rep. Luke Messer (R).

Pence’s announcement comes at the right time as Messer will vacate his House seat to run for the U.S. Senate seat in Indiana against a field of five other Republican candidates and incumbent Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly (D). Pence has served as chairman of Messer’s Senate Finance Committee since July 2017 when Messer announced he was running for Senate. The two Hoosiers are friends and support each other politically.

In his campaign announcement video released October 18, Pence branded himself as a family man, entrepreneur, job creator, former Marine official, and “trusted conservative” who wants to help President Trump “restore the American dream to middle-class families.” Greg made no mention of his brother Mike in the video.

Indiana’s 6th congressional district occupies the state’s eastern and southeastern counties and includes suburbs of the Cincinnati, Ohio area. The seat was occupied by Vice President Mike Pence from 2003 to 2013. He became Governor of Indiana after a successful campaign in 2012. Following Mike Pence’s gubernatorial victory, Messer ran for Congress and has served in the 6th district ever since.

Greg Pence will face a primary election in May 2018 against three other Republicans who are currently in the race. His name recognition, military service, and persona as a non-career politician make him a favorable candidate in next year’s primary and general election.

Besides the name recognition that inevitably comes from being the Vice President’s older brother, the best news for Pence is that Republicans have occupied Indiana’s 6th House district since 1983 – virtually ensuring another Republican victory in 2018. The district has also become increasingly more Republican since 2012, following the recent election trends in Midwestern states. Luke Messer handily defeated Democrat Barry Welsh in 2016 by a 69-27 margin, an improvement from his 66-30 margin over Democrat Susan Heitzman in 2014.

Greg, like his brother, believes in the sanctity of life, Second Amendment rights, fiscal conservatism, and Christian values. His campaign is based on helping the Trump-Pence agenda pass through Congress and serving constituents rather than special interests.

The political stars seem to have aligned for Pence, but he isn’t taking anything for granted and promises to fight for “Hoosier values out in Washington D.C.” and to “help Donald Trump help [the 6th] district”.

As a veteran and former Marine Corps officer, his campaign slogan is, fittingly, “Ready to Serve Again.” He claims to feel the same calling to serve his country just as he did at 18 years old when he volunteered for the military.

Greg Pence is on track to win the same House seat that his brother held only four years ago. With record-low congressional favorability ratings and partisan division causing congressional inaction, Republicans desperately need candidates like Pence to get things done in Washington. He is just one of the many pro-Trump-Pence candidates running for office in 2018, and his victory would certainly aid the Trump administration in its mission to put America First and Make America Great Again.

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