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Why I’m a conservative woman; #ShesConservative essay contest winner

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Being a conservative woman in a predominantly liberal world is like walking through an archery range with a target on your back. However, what makes a conservative woman special is that constantly being under the critical fire of a mass of ignorant finger-pointers only makes her stronger in her beliefs. A conservative women cannot merely be defined by a few policies, or the way she votes. She is a combination of logic, morality, and a deeply rooted belief in the idea of America.

I am a conservative woman because I believe in the freedoms delegated to us by our Constitution. The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights states that we are given freedom of speech, press, religion, petition and assembly. These rights are rapidly deteriorating as the left seeks to steal them from those who don’t agree with them.

Freedom of speech is one of the most revolutionary concepts to be stated in the Bill of Rights. Too often we see students silenced for stating their conservative beliefs, followed by being categorized as a bigot, sexist, or other false judgement. The mainstream media leaves out news that justifies the right or tarnishes the left. We see that expressions of free speech by conservatives are deemed unfit for the public yet something much more radical spoken or written by someone on the left is praised for its bravery and insight.

Freedom from religious persecution was a driving force leading to the creation of the United States, however too often those who preach are tolerance are everything but. The wide variety of world religions are accepted and supported in this nation, as they should be, but now more than ever, American Christians are treated like an enemy. The media deems Christians as a religion of hate and judgement when in fact it is the opposite. How can we say we live in a nation of religious freedom when a local baker can’t deny someone business because it is against his beliefs, or where college professors can require their students to denounce God in order to pass the class? Whether you are a Christian or not, it should be recognized that all religions should be treated equally as was intended in our Bill of Rights. A nation of free speech and freedom of religion has become a nation of selective persecution and hypocrisy.

I am a conservative woman because I weigh things logically. I recognize the hypocrisy and detriment of socialized medicine. I recognize that money for government programs must come from the pockets of our hardworking citizens. I recognize the left’s false mask of empathy used merely to gain the votes of those who are too bound by emotion to notice. I recognize that the media purposefully drives a wedge between people on issues that have no merit. I understand the risks of limiting the military in a world of highly militant nations with guns pointed at us. I choose to support issues backed by facts, rather than unjustified opinions based on emotions.

I am a conservative woman because I believe in hard work. I believe that if you persevere and endure the schooling and training it takes to acquire a high paying job, you should reap the benefits of your hard work; your hard earned money should not be taken and given to someone who is fully capable but has no desire to work because they have unknowingly become dependent on the government for their wellbeing. With more and more of our citizens become dependent on welfare and government programs, the less likely they are to work hard, strive for independence, or become successful. Excessive government aid is the death of ambition.

I am a conservative woman because I believe that women are not oppressed. I have the right to vote, hold office, manage a company, and make my own decisions. America’s women have all the rights that men have. We live in a world where, in other nations, woman cannot vote. They cannot hold office. They cannot drive a car, choose the number of children that they have, or merely walk down the street without the accompaniment of a superior male. American women are blessed to have such liberties and to suggest that we need government assistance to rise up in the world is an insult to our work ethic and intelligence.

I am a conservative woman because I respect the women who came before me: women like Nikki Haley, Carly Fiorina, and my mother who bring a newfound pride and empowerment to modern conservatism.

I am a conservative woman because I refuse to let the constant opposition of an antagonistic group hold me back in my beliefs. I am a conservative woman because I am guided by the powerful truth of morality and logic. I am a conservative woman because I feel that it is my duty to bring awareness to the issues that handicap the betterment of our great nation. I am a conservative woman because I believe our founding fathers’ vision of the American dream.

The #ShesConservative campaign shatters stereotypes about what young women believe today and what a conservative looks like. Throughout the month of September, as part of its #ShesConservative campaign, NeW asked high school seniors and college students to write an essay responding to the following prompt: “Why are you a proud, conservative woman? Who are your conservative female role models? What issues drive you?” Young women from across the country submitted essays as to why they are conservative and the essay above is one of the winners of the Network of Enlightened Women’s 2017 Essay Contest.

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