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Pro-choice vandals destroy pro-life display at NKU

via Facebook

Pro-choice vandals destroyed a Right to Life display at Northern Kentucky University over the weekend. Images of the display obtained by Red Alert show the before and after.

Dozens of crosses, each representing the ten children lost to abortion each day, can be seen uprooted and discarded on the ground. A sign, which accompanied the display, read “Each Cross Represents 10 Babies That Die By Abortion Each Day” was also stolen.

The vandalism took place less than two hours after the display was set up, according to a Facebook post.

“If you disagree with the concept, you have every right to argue against it. What you don’t have a right to do is destroy private property,” Sebastian D. Torres, former Kentucky state chair of Young Americans for Liberty, remarked on Facebook. “Individuals on both sides of the debate should be able to fully commit to the fact that fear tactics are unacceptable.”

Torres sent an email to the NKU chief of police, asking that the destruction of the club’s display is investigated and that NKU make clear that it protects its students’ rights to free speech on campus.

According to the NKU University Police Department, the vandalism is being classified as a misdemeanor theft and criminal mischief, due to the missing sign and roughly 35 crosses that were removed.

images obtained via Facebook

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