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NYC Anti-Fascist group targets Columbia University College Republicans

(Screengrab via video)

A New York City Antifa group is campaigning to “expose” the College Republicans at Columbia University (CUCR) as “entitled rich kids, padding their resumés for future jobs at hedge funds.”

On Friday, October 20th, fliers identifying executive board members of CUCR were posted around Columbia’s campus. The fliers, which blanketed the campus, had each club officer’s picture and name.

The Antifa group’s specific grievance against the College Republicans is their choice in speakers. CUCR hosted Tommy Robinson, former leader of the English Defense League, earlier this month and also plan to bring new-right personality Mike Cernovich to Columbia next week.

They never thought they would have to face consequences for inviting fascists to speak at their campus. We believe otherwise,” stated an anonymously written post on the website, It’s Going Down, which describes itself as a “digital community center for anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements.”

“If you see these people, tell them what you think…” read an NYC Antifa Facebook post.

The group even created a promo-style video of themselves posting the fliers around campus, complete with laughable screamo music, although they did not show their faces.

This same Antifa group, along with leftist student groups on campus, essentially hijacked Robinson’s speech earlier this month by chanting “goodnight alt-right” and other phrases to the point where the event could not continue.

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