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Penn TA calls on black women in class before white men despite who raised their hand first

screengrab from Twitter

Students attending the University of Pennsylvania may be addressed by their educators in accordance to the melanin in their skin, as opposed whose hand was raised first, according to a public admission by one TA.

Graduate instructor and UPenn Ph.D. student Stephanie McKellop published a set of patently racist tweets on her now-private Twitter account, explaining her race-based system on acknowledging students in the classroom.

McKellop tweeted out the following:

“I will always call on my Black women students first. Other POC ger second tier priority. WW come next. And, if I have to, white men.”

(Screenshot from Twitter)

The “WW” included in her tweet is presumably an abbreviation for white women.

When some on Twitter decried McKellop’s tweets as “racist,” she fired back that it is a “pedagogical technique called progressive stacking.”

McKellop, who teaches HIST-345: “Sinners, Sex and Slaves: Race and Sex In Early America” and describes herself as a “Queer disabled feminist” continued by saying, “Because this involves calling on Black students more readily than white men, the white nationalists and Nazis were very upset.”

Now some are calling for her removal from the classroom.

Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences Steven J. Fluharty said in a statement that the university is “looking into the current matter involving a graduate student teaching assistant to ensure that our students were not subjected to discriminatory practices in the classroom and to ensure that all of our students feel heard and equally engaged.”

Despite the dean’s statement, McKellop says she was asked not to attend her lecture and canceled her recitations for the week. She later tweeted “Penn thinks I’m racist and discriminatory towards my students,” and that the university was “condemning” her.

via Twitter


(via Twitter)

“If a professor said, ‘I am calling on white men first and then going down to white women,’ I don’t think the University would have had any problem suspending that professor, making a statement condemning it and talking about our diversity inclusion,” Wharton School sophomore Michael Moroz stated.

“The comment she made was discriminatory, and the University should take actions and fire her,” Moroz, who also serves as Co-Director of the College Republicans editorial board, added.

According to the UPenn history department, McKellop is a “historian of marriage and the family, with interests intersecting in areas of gender, sexuality, the body, and race.”

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