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Liberals drive partisan wedge into #MeToo campaign

(Screengrab via Twitter)

Millions of women have posted #MeToo on social media to signify that they have experienced sexual harassment or assault. The idea, conceived by activist Tarana Burke roughly a decade ago, is meant to show the scope of sexual harassment and assault. Actress Alyssa Milano tweeted it out after Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s decades of sexual misconduct came to light.

The hashtag caught like wildfire, ignited by the terrible experiences so many women were holding in their memories and hiding from the world. However, certain left-wing media figures used it as a wedge to slam conservatives and prop up their own anti-men, pro-big government ideology.

Vogue would have you believe that conservatives get harassed and assaulted, too. Sexual misconduct is the rare social issue that has no partisan bend. There are sexual harassers in both parties, and women of all political affiliations have felt the sting of harassment and assault. While virtually all women know this experience, only a fraction of men are committing these offenses.

For men, the phenomenon isn’t spread across the population. Some men – a lot of men! – wouldn’t cat-call, stalk, or attack a woman. But one bad guy can traumatize hundreds of women over time (see Cosby, Bill and Weinstein, Harvey).

Vogue decided that anyone who supports President Trump also tacitly condones sex crimes since the president has been accused of harassment and assault (though none of those claims have ever been substantiated). Even if every single one of the accusations are false, Republicans and conservatives are still sex criminals. According to the magazine: “Donald Trump….uses his not-inconsiderable power and influence to continue to threaten women, from efforts to strip many of them of health care to rolling back protections for access to birth control and equal pay.” Vogue has made #MeToo political, and according to the publication, the right is on the wrong side.

Several media figures have taken #MeToo as a reason to place demands – some sound, some excessive – on all men. Fixing the problem requires men to abide by only two rules: First, do not sexually harass women. Second, do not sexually assault women. If men can accomplish those two things, our daughters and granddaughters won’t be saying #MeToo along with us someday.

The Guardian published an exhaustive list of things men must do in order to be considered allies. It included things like: “If a woman tells you that you f***ed up, and you feel like sh*t, don’t put it on that woman to make you feel better. Apologize without qualification and then go away.”

According to the Guardian, the man is automatically wrong, and the woman is automatically right. There’s no reflection on behavior or regard for facts. This fourth-wave feminism has little interest in fairness or equality. Another tip, “learn to read a f***ing room,” wouldn’t make anyone safer. There are no rooms where sexual assault is okay.

Mashable wants fathers to treat their sons as potential predators. “Fathers can start or continue an ongoing conversation about how their sons can break free from stereotypes that give men permission to dehumanize women.” Imagine fathers telling their sons that masculinity is bad and that society believes their gender is a menace to the public. Male self-loathing does not translate into support for women.

Others saw the #MeToo campaign as a means to control men.

Danielle Muscato, a trans activist and Black Lives Matter supporter, tweeted: “Ladies, a question for you: What would you do if all men had a 9pm curfew? Dudes: Read this thread and pay attention. #MeToo #privilege.”

The message from the Left is clear: you can’t support #MeToo unless you’re a good liberal who thinks all men are potential predators and all women need a nanny state. Plenty of non-left women have suffered sexual harassment or assault (and yes, this author can, unfortunately, state #MeToo). Politicizing the movement abandons these women as unworthy, and labels all men as inherently suspect.

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