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Professor under fire for challenging transgender narrative

(AP Photo/Toby Talbot, File)

A tenured Boise State University professor is facing overwhelming pressure from campus activists after publishing articles critical of the transgender movement.

Dr. Scott Yenor, a political science professor at the Idaho university and a former visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation, argued in an August article for The Daily Signal that the transgender agenda is threatening the integrity of American families by undermining parental rights. The article drew ire from students, activists, and colleagues at the university after Corey Cook, Dean of the School of Public Service, posted it on the school’s Facebook page. 

The dean subsequently issued a statement apologizing for the social media post, saying that the work conflicted with the school’s values. Although, he still defended Yenor’s right to free speech.

Dr. Yenor’s critics have since been working tirelessly to get him fired, and have gone so far as to circulate a petition to terminate his position at Boise State. The petition claims that his August article “threatens the existence of queer and non-binary folks by promoting rhetorical violence against their livelihood,” and that is “grounds for his dismissal.”

This accusation – whatever it means – is seriously flawed. The article doesn’t attack transgender individuals. It simply explains the transgender agenda and provides examples from foreign countries. The entire article is backed up by sound evidence.

The petition has received over 2,100 signatures and has been promoted by flyers on campus. Some have called for other faculty members to publicly condemn him. While the university has stated that it will not fire him, Yenor worries that the effort is killing free speech on campus.

The efforts have isolated the professor and caused him to feel like an “alien” on campus, even though he is not alone in his views.

“The problem with what is happening is that the idea that I’m in violation of the campus civility policies is intended to have a chilling effect on my speech and the speech of anyone who would agree with me,” Yenor said.

Unfortunately, this effect will continue to linger long after these misguided activists give up their hopeless campaign.

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