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Leftists attempt to compare Second Lady Karen Pence to white nationalist Richard Spencer

via FSU

On Wednesday, Second Lady Karen Pence spoke at Florida State University (FSU) to unveil her new initiative on art therapy. On Thursday, white nationalist Richard Spencer spoke at the University of Florida (UF) about his views on nationalism and race. Despite the two talks being completely unrelated and Pence’s appearance being planned since summer and rescheduled due to hurricanes, leftist students and publications attempted to link the two together.

“Much of the criticism was due to the fact that Karen Pence was choosing to speak at another Florida university just one day before white nationalist Richard Spencer is set to give a much-contested speech at the University of Florida,” the Tab reported of Pence’s visit to FSU.

The Tab went on to report that students believe Pence’s appearance is “an indirect support of Spencer from the White House, and all of what he is set to discuss tomorrow at UF.”

Cynthia Colas, Chair of the FSU National Organization for Women, told the Tab, “I think it’s no coincidence Karen Pence is speaking at FSU the day before Richard Spencer is set to speak at UF. We are not supportive of UF reversing its decision about Spencer, and we are greatly upset that President Fuchs is not respecting the wishes of his students.”

She continued, “We don’t believe that Karen Pence has any right to speak on therapy initiatives at our university when her and her husband have publicly supported conversion therapy, and she does not represent therapy that is accepting of all students, or LGBT people.”

As previously stated, this notion that Pence’s appearance was purposefully scheduled to coincide with Spencer’s appearance at a separate Florida campus is not only a stretch but factually inaccurate. According to FSU, the university had been in talks with Mrs. Pence since summer. Mrs. Pence herself told audience members that her appearance had been scheduled for September, but was postponed due to Hurricane Irma. There’s simply no nefarious scheduling, despite what the left would love to theorize.

Now, students are speaking out about the ridiculousness of the left’s newest conspiracy theory.

“Mrs. Pence highlighted the benefits of art therapy, something that Republicans and Democrats should be able to get behind. Whether it’s veterans suffering from PTSD or adolescent cancer patients, art therapy can drastically help with the rehabilitation and recovery processes,” Sam Mascaro, an FSU student and Chief of Staff for the Florida Federation of College Republicans, told Red Alert Politics. “I hope that the left stops screaming long enough to hear an idea that hey would most likely agree with.”

Nicholas Bique, Vice Chair of the FSU College Republicans, told the Tab that “people who are critical of the timing of Mrs. Pence’s speech would be ‘ill-advised to correlate the two as it makes no sense.’”

Of course, this did not stop the online publication from falsely reporting a narrative that just doesn’t line up.

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