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Viral “white privilege” video proves cultural differences, not white privilege [VIDEO]

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Leftists are circulating a two-minute video around the internet to teach people about white privilege. In actuality, it does not reveal anything about white privilege. Instead, it reveals general cultural differences, mostly between blacks and whites, and how those differences cause different outcomes.

In the video, there is a mix of black and white teenagers standing on a line “racing” for $100. The group on the line is supposed to take two steps forward if the statement the instructor calls out applies to them. If it doesn’t apply to them, then they are to remain standing where they are. The person who gets the farthest wins the money.

These are the statements called out by the instructor:

“Take two steps forward if both of your parents are still married.

Take two steps forward if you grew up with a father figure in your home.

Take two steps forward if you had access to a private education.

Take two steps forward if you had access to a free tutor growing up.

Take two steps forward if you never had to worry about your cell phone being shut off.

Take two steps forward if you never had to help mom or dad with the bills.

Take two steps forward if it wasn’t because of your athletic ability, you don’t have to pay for college.

Take two steps forward if you never wondered where your next meal was going to come from.”

As the instructor is calling out these statements, the video shows the majority of the white teens stepping forward for most, if not all the statements. The camera then zooms in on the faces of the black teens, who are still on or near the starting line.

Then, the instructor has the leading group turn around and look back at those behind them. The leading group is comprised of primarily white teens, while the group trailing, including a few still on the line, is mostly black teens. The instructor then talks about how everyone is still in the race, but those in front have a way better chance of winning, not because of anything they’ve done, but because of their privilege.

To be fair, the video never explicitly states that white kids are privileged over black kids simply because they are white, but it is the obviously intended message.

Here is the reality: all of the statements yelled out by the instructor do give the kids to which they apply an advantage in life. However, the statements from the instructor do not indicate white privilege because these things are not exclusively available to white people.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines privilege as “a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor.” From this definition, the video does not prove white privilege. The statements in the video do not only apply to white people, nor are black people exempt from them.

White parents are not immune to divorce. Black parents do not have to get divorced. White fathers do not have to stay in their children’s lives. Black fathers are allowed to be present in their children’s lives. White people are not immune to money struggles. Not all black people struggle with money. You get the point.

This video reveals the advantages/privileges of coming from a strong family unit, having access to a quality education, and not having to worry about money issues. Even though the video shows that it is mainly white kids who have these advantages because of their parents, this does not mean that the parents of the black children could not have made the same decisions. What this video proves is that general cultural differences between black and white people do matter in how they are setting their children up in life.

The leftists who use this video to promote the idea of white privilege are wrong. They refer to privilege as something the universe or the system grants to some but not to others. In reality, much of what this viral video depicts are simple choices.

Watch the fallacy-filled video below: