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UF professor: “I know some people probably want to punch the conservative”

via Facebook

In a Facebook post, University of Florida student Emily Washler described an exchange between her and her liberal professor in which he sympathized with students who might want to punch her.

During a class discussion about party identification, Washler, a senior political science major, explained that she identifies more as a conservative than as a Republican due to her focus on ideological principle over party goals.

Her professor responded by ridiculing her.

Washler recounted her experience, writing, “After explaining my positions today, said professor says in front of the whole class ‘Thank you all for your comments today…and now I know some people probably want to punch the conservative’ and then looks directly at me and says ‘I’ll let you leave five minutes early, for your own safety.’ He proceeds the comments by laughing and saying ‘I’m joking, I’m joking.’”

This isn’t the first time the professor has created a less than inviting environment for conservatives in the classroom, according to Washler who also serves as a senator for UF’s student government.

“This professor has been rather consistent in his open opposition to Republicans, regularly calling individuals such as Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan Satan or something of the equivalent,” Washler described on Facebook.

“[H]e essentially encouraged violence against an individual purely because said individual (myself) disagreed with his political view and positions. Anyone who knows me know [sic] I am very much in favor of civil discourse and peaceful discussion of political ideas and policies because I think that’s the only way we learn and strengthen our own views. What has absolutely ZERO place in the classroom is even an inkling of a joke or suggestion of inciting violence against an individual for ANY reason – race, ethnicity, economic class, gender, or political affiliation,” Washler wrote.

“I don’t know what it is this semester, but I have to say I have been incredibly disappointed with university faculty lately. I expect more from a Top 10 Public Institution,” she concluded.

Read the post in full below:

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