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Activists lambasted for “coming out” as conservative on National Coming Out Day

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As LGBTQ advocates around the nation celebrated “National Coming Out Day” on Wednesday, a group of students at Texas State University decided to celebrate in a different way by “Coming Out as a Conservative.”

The Young Conservatives of Texas – Texas State Chapter tabled on The Quad to express to the student body their difficulties with being accepted as a conservative on campus. They provided a visual representation, complete with a poster board which read “Conservative Pride,” to show people walking by that some conservatives on campus are scared to make their political affiliation known.

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On a day where both men and women were supposed to reveal and celebrate their sexuality, many found the dual celebration by conservatives to be offensive. Many showed their disapproval both in person and on social media.

Twitter user @lillianvee tweeted out, “I just feel sad because @YCT_TXST felt the need to hijack a day dedicated to bravery and strength and courage and make it something it isn’t.” She went on to say, “MOST OF ALL, I am disgusted by the pettiness and lack of tact shown by @YCT_TXST. Take your privilege somewhere else, on another day.”

Another user @poon_goon replied to the organization’s post by saying, “Cute how y’all call everyone snowflakes but when there’s one day that isn’t abt [sic] you, you somehow go out of your way to try & make it abt [sic] you.” In another tweet, the user went on to say, “[A]bsolutely pathetic. Compensate for your insecurities somewhere else, we don’t need it here lol.”

The Texas conservative group claimed the original idea came from a member of their organization, who is a gay conservative.

The member released a statement through the group saying, “As a gay conservative, I have celebrated coming out both as a gay teenager and as non-liberal minority, the difference being that I have found greater acceptance from the so-called ‘close-minded conservatives’ for my sexuality than from the ‘tolerant’ left for my politics. Today was no different, the left berated me for supposedly betraying the gay collective while conservatives appreciated me for my individuality.”

Nellie Perry, Chair of the Young Conservatives of Texas – Texas State Chapter, told Red Alert Politics, “The goal of our event was to demonstrate the fact that young students on college campuses sincerely do not feel comfortable admitting to their beliefs because being a conservative has become such an awful thing in the eyes of our generation. We provided a visual representation of how many people sincerely feel like they will be looked down upon, shunned, harassed, etc. because of their belief system.”

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