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The numbers don’t lie: Politics is ruining the entertainment industry

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Our ability to converse and relate to each other—over things like music, movies, and sports—is the glue that holds our country together. Leftist entertainers, athletes, and those who write and talk about them for a living are dissolving that glue.

But one thing is becoming clear: Americans are sick of it. They’re turning off and tuning out. Here are a few examples:

Rolling Stone magazine is up for sale. Jann Wenner, the magazine’s co-founder, is auctioning his controlling share of the company due to a massive decline in revenue. Bloomberg Businessweek recently reported a 10 percent drop in the iconic magazine’s newsstand sales and a 28 percent drop in its online traffic. What started as a publication focused on music and pop culture turned into a “bastion of liberal ideology,” as Sydney Ember of The New York Times put it. Its descent was exacerbated by false campus rape accusations and political articles that appeared more frequently than musically-focused pieces.

This year’s 69th annual Emmy Awards, hosted by ultra-liberal Stephen Colbert, was a giant flop. The ceremony was a steady procession of political speeches by leftists in the entertainment industry, most of them targeting President Trump. Throughout the course of the show, he was called “a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot,” and thanked for “making black people number one on the most-oppressed list.” Contrary to producers’ predictions, three hours of Trump denigration wasn’t as intriguing as they had anticipated. This year’s show just narrowly escaped being the least-watched Emmys on record.

Leftist politics have ravaged ESPN. Viewership is in a rapid free fall. Earlier this year, the sports television channel began losing approximately 10,000 subscribers a day, forcing them to cut a hundred of their writers and commentators. Its ratings have been plummeting since. Politics have become so infused in the channel’s daily programming that people no longer have to tune into MSNBC for their liberal news; instead, they can flip to ESPN. And if you hate Trump, you might enjoy following Jemele Hill on Twitter. Hill, a “sports commentator” at ESPN, recently tweeted this little bit of venom: “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.”

But the NFL’s #TakeAKnee fiasco is, by far, the most publicized case of politics in places it doesn’t belong. As NFL players began to kneel and sit during the national anthem, the NFL’s net favorability dropped. When more players joined the kneeling/sitting protests, the league’s net favorability dropped more—from 30 percent in week three to 17 percent in week four. Ticket sales also tumbled by 18 percent at TickPick and 31 percent at TicketCity. TV ratings continued their steady decline according to Nielsen company, as angry fans used their remotes in a protest of their own.

These organizations have politicized themselves and are paying the price for it. Nobody goes to the movies or watches football for the political views of the actors or players. Nobody cares about the political views of actors or players, despite their delusions to the contrary. Still, these people have a platform, and they’re intent on abusing it. Tragically, these self-important leftists do not recognize or do not care that making political statements polarizes an already divided nation. They’re creating a country where we can no longer bond over the things that once brought us together.

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