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Madea has a ‘YUGE’ announcement: She’s running for president, calling Trump a disaster [VIDEO]

(via Screenshot from The Tonight Show video)

Another late night comedy show is taking on the White House, however, it’s not Melissa McCarthy mowing over reporters as Sean Spicer in a mobile press podium. Comedian Tyler Perry, who plays the fictional character of Madea, took over the White House briefing room in the latest late-night television skit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

“You have nothing to fear but a mad black woman in the White House,” Perry said.

Perry joined Fallon’s impersonation of President Donald Trump with a ‘yuge’ announcement: Madea has been tapped as Trump’s new Communications Director. Madea was then left to fielding questions from reporters where she was asked about the administration’s disaster relief efforts.

“Have you looked at the administration? It is a disaster, and I am the relief,” Perry said.

In typical Madea fashion, Perry had no problem discussing race, the NFL, and former Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, while also attacking the media.

“Hell no, I didn’t vote for Trump! Only two black people voted for Trump: one was Ben Carson, and the other was that man behind him at the rallies with the signs that said “Blacks for Trump.” I’m not one of them. I voted for Hillary three times thank you very much,” Perry said.

Fallon’s Trump aggressively shook Madea’s hand inviting her to address the “grab her by the pussy” remarks by Trump, which was published during the 2016 campaign.

“You got to watch him when he’s shaking your hand because he be shaking with that right, but on that left, he be reaching down trying to grab my puh-puh-purse,” Perry said.

Fallon’s Trump followed up saying, “this was totally my idea, by the way. Of the 37 Communications Directors that I’ve had, Ma-daca is easily best.”

Madea has been a household name since 2005 when the first comedy movie, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” was released. The series has since made seven more films starring Perry as Madea.

The Tonight Show comedy skit ended with Madea taking a knee in support of Collin Kaepernick.