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Alpha Delta Pi chapter slammed by liberals for cultural appropriation

images via Twitter

For most sororities, receiving their “Big” or “Little” is a joyous time. However, a few members of the Alpha Delta Pi – Epsilon Zeta chapter at Texas State have been accused of cultural appropriation and stereotyping during their Big/Little reveal. 

On October 2, the sorority posted a statement on their Twitter account that reads: 

“There were some photos posted over the weekend. This has served as an important wakeup call and opportunity for the reflection and growth of our chapter. We did not consider the offense it would create to appropriate another culture and see now the hurt that cultural stereotyping can cause. We deeply apologize to all whom we have offended.”

The pictures referenced were originally posted by three sorority members, and showed the young women in native Indian and Mexican costumes. While their intentions might have been lighthearted, students quickly turned to social media to show their distaste and disapproval. 

A student by the name of Joseph Nicholson took his frustrations to Twitter.

His September 29th tweet already has roughly 1,400 retweets and an estimated 4,100 likes.

While Nicholson’s tweet quickly gathered attention, many more students started so show their discontent. According to a University Star, “Nicholson said his intentions were not to cause any messages of hate toward the women who posted the photos but to express his disapproval of the images and encourage students to be more culturally inclusive.” 

A student with the Twitter username @coffeespoonie went as far to tweet, “That chapter needs to be shut down, or at the very least, be put on probation for both fall and spring semesters, at least….”

Another one of her tweets goes on to say, “They could use their now-free social calendars to do mandatory programming on not being blatant cultural-appropriating white supremacists.”

Due to the backlash and scrutiny, the sorority members involved have either deleted their social media accounts or made them private. Thank goodness we have internet trolls to point out the cultural appropriation abuses of others’ harmless and well-intentioned actions.

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