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Marxist student handcuffed after stabbing a ‘free speech ball’

via YAL

At student at the University of California – San Diego stabbed a free speech ball four times at a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) free speech event last Friday. The student has been apprehended and questioned by the police.

The event, which was co-hosted by YAL and the Leadership Institute, was part of a campaign through California advocating for free speech through the use of a free speech ball.

The currently unidentified student signed the petition with the name Karl Marx and wrote the phrase, “sic semper tyrannus,” the same phrase uttered by John Wilkes Booth following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The student then snuck around the ball and stabbed it four times before walking away.

Shortly thereafter, the activists noticed their free speech was rapidly deflating. Upon inspection of the ball, they noticed the student had not just written on the ball but had made four distinct slashes causing the ball to deflate. They were able to patch up the ball and called campus police to report the destruction of property.

After filing a police report, the activists recognized that the email the ball-stabber had left on their sign up sheet belonged Groundwork Books, a bookstore founded by Marxists in 1973.

Later in the day, the activists paid a visit to the Marxist bookstore and saw the student that had attempted to destroyed their free speech ball. An employee of the bookstore demanded that they leave, forcefully removing at least one activist. During the scuffle, the ball-stabber attempted to run away, but an off duty security guard stopped the student and held him there until campus police arrived.

The ball-stabbing student was then apprehended by campus police, where they found the knife used for the destruction of the free speech ball.

“I think to destroy a form of free speech that would be in your benefit allowing you to promote your ideas negatively impacts everyone,” YAL UCSD Chapter President Jonah Ghalib Naoum told Red Alert Politics.

This heinous act occurred just before National Free Speech Week, which will see discussions of free speech take place on college campuses from coast to coast. Many YAL chapters will take this opportunity to discuss the unconstitutional speech codes employed by many universities with the hopes of seeing students returned their First Amendment rights.

“In my entire time working with Young Americans for Liberty leaders across California and the country in the fight for free speech, I have never seen anyone use violence to prevent the free exchange of ideas on campus. We’ve all heard of similar instances on the news, but now it’s real,” said Nathan Fatal, YAL West Coast Regional Director.

YAL’s National Fight for Free Speech has helped change 28 unconstitutional free speech codes and restore First Amendment rights to 590,202 students.

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