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What patriarchy? Women are more educated than ever

(Abby Drey/Centre Daily Times via AP)

The Council of Graduate Schools’ new study wrecks the left’s narrative about the powerlessness of women. Their findings show that women earned the majority of doctoral degrees in 2016 for eighth straight year and outnumber men in grad school as well.

Women are dominating, especially in the fields of Arts, Humanities, Biology, Agriculture, Education, Health Sciences, Public Administration, Social Sciences, and Behavioral Sciences. This is something to be proud of, and even celebrated.

Yes, men still occupy STEM fields at a greater rate, which may support the stereotype that women are geared towards human development and health, but this is not a bad thing. Understanding a woman’s strengths can only assist her in becoming more successful.

Women are earning doctoral degrees 35 percent more than men. When it comes to Masters’ degrees, women are earning them 38 percent more often than men. Graduate degrees are not much different with women receiving them 35 percent more often than men.

American women are more educated now than they ever have been. This will have a direct effect on what the left calls “pay inequality” as females will be compensated more than men with lesser academic achievement.  

Why does this not satisfy third wave of feminists? Many feminists still believe that women are overlooked for advancement opportunities and that women are not always compensated equally in comparison to men.

Back in 2010, Time Magazine reported that women in 147 out of 150 of the metropolitan cities in the United States are paid more than men. The factors which prompted better pay included being single, childless, and under the age of 30. Of course, it’s not surprising that once women are older, married, and enter motherhood, they are compensated less simply because they work less.

So, what does this all boil down to?

Women are more likely to be more educated than men in fields that they’re interested in. While these fields usually compensate less than fields of study in math, technology, and engineering, that has not hindered women from earning more money than men before entering motherhood.

Facts such as these ought to serve as a constant reminder of a very specific type of privilege – American privilege – where gender doesn’t matter, but choice, opportunity, and investment does.

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