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Harvard Divinity Professor: NRA is a “domestic terrorist organization”

(AP Photo/Steven Senne)

Most people of faith offered prayers and compassion to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting this past Sunday, but one professor of religion at Harvard University took the opportunity to inject hateful, political rhetoric into the time of mourning.

Dr. Jonathan Walton, a tenured Professor of Religion and Society at Harvard Divinity School, spent the better part of his morning sermon lambasting National Rifle Association (NRA) members as domestic terrorists, claiming they favor money over the American people. 

“We have to have the courage to call the NRA exactly what it has become—a domestic terrorist organization that places profit above the lives of the American people,” said Walton.

In response to the shooting, Walton also promoted the false narrative that a vast majority of Americans want stricter gun control laws, including bans on certain types of firearms, an extensive federal waiting period, and the establishment of “smart gun technology.”

Walton, who is also the pastor for Harvard’s Memorial Church, implied that if Congress were unwilling to enact stricter gun control laws following the tragedy in Las Vegas, he would stop leading his congregation in prayer and vigils following future tragedies that may occur

“If Congress is unwilling to act, then this nation should just own our sick and twisted reality,” he said. “Thus, don’t ask me to pray.  Don’t ask me to hold a vigil for victims. Nor will I light any more candles.”

During his sermon, Walton was also sure to place part of the blame for the shooting  on American men, as well as President Trump, feeding into the false liberal narrative that the masculinity of American males is the driving force behind gun crimes in the United States.

“Our cultural anxiety, toxic masculinity, and racial, religious, and ethnic bigotries are eating away at the soul of this nation,” claimed Walton. “It even caused us to elect a madman to the presidency that embodies the worst aspects of our country’s cultural disease.”

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