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California Attorney General: “You build a wall, I’ll buy a ladder”

(Photo via AP)

Stanford in Government, a student-run, nonpartisan political awareness group at Stanford University, hosted an event featuring California Attorney General and Stanford alumni Xavier Becerra (BA ‘80, JD ‘84).

Becerra discussed numerous topics with students and faculty members, including President Trump’s decision on DACA, today’s political climate, his career in office, as well as policies for which he has advocated.

“I don’t need to talk about where I want to take this state as Attorney-General,” Becerra stated. “All I have to do is take a look at where I come from, and you can say quite a lot about where I want to go.”

While speaking on the Palo Alto campus, Becerra also conveyed some critical words regarding the Trump administration’s proposed border wall.

“You build a wall, I’ll buy a ladder,” Becerra said. “Why would I spend $20 to $40 billion to build a wall, when we learned that technology thousands of years ago?”

Becerra’s judgement over the border construction has been rather scathing, regarding it as “medieval” in an interview on ABC’s “This Week” six months ago. “I’m still trying to figure out who believes that a medieval situation to fix our broken immigration system is what we need,” Becerra said.

Just recently, Becerra sued the Trump administration over construction of the proposed wall on the Mexico-United States border. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Californians, states that the border wall “threatens the state of California’s economic, procedural and sovereign interests and will harm the state’s natural resources.”

The lawsuit also proclaims that federal official have disregarded environmental regulations on both the federal and state level, which subsequently contravenes the U.S. Constitution’s “separation of powers” doctrine by defying the legislature.

The Stanford Daily reported the event, calling the proposed border wall “anti-immigrant.”

“At the end of the day, we’re a nation of law, not of a particular man,” Becerra said during his talk.


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