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No, misguided leftists. Young Americans for Freedom is not the alt-right

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A leftist anti-gun group at UW-Madison can’t tell the difference between traditional conservatism and the alt-right. Katherine Kerwin, who describes herself as an “alternative right troller” in her Twitter bio and leads “Cocks Not Glocks,” thinks that the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) are white supremacists and should not be hosting Katie Pavlich at UW-Madison later this month.

The UW-Madison YAF chapter promotes free markets, traditional conservative values, and second amendment rights. Katie Pavlich, a guns rights advocate and NRA affiliated journalist, advocates for guns on campus and also advocates for women owning guns to protect themselves from rape.

“It’s time to resist the dangerous ideals of Katie Pavlich and the NRA. Cocks not Glocks!” reads a Facebook post by the Kerwin’s page, “Keep Guns off the UW Madison Campus.”

A press release from Kerwin’s protest group reads in part, “Activists at the University of Wisconsin will be protesting Pavlich’s speech with an event led by Cocks Not Glocks- University of Wisconsin… thanks to donations from the sex toy company Good Vibrations. Activists on campus will be using dildos to draw attention to the absurd potential of guns on campus.”

UW YAF responded with their own statement:

“UW-Madison Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) advocates for freedom of speech and expression. That is why we are absolutely fine with Ms. Kerwin and the ‘Cocks Not Glocks’ activists protesting our upcoming lecture event with Katie Pavlich. We believe that they have every right to wave sex paraphernalia in the air in opposition to guns.”

Red Alert Politics spoke with student organizers of the Pavlich event.

“The ‘alt-right’ is a group of people who reject the traditional conservative beliefs we stand for. They embrace white nationalism, which we adamantly oppose… With this event, we are simply promoting rights we Americans were given over two centuries ago. That’s not ‘alt-right’,” said Abby Streu told Red Alert Politics.

“In addition, Ms. Kerwin is insinuating that my org should not bring Katie Pavlich to speak, as we will divide students and that her beliefs will not contribute to the conversation. I counter that Ms. Kerwin is the real barrier to the discussion,” Streu continued.

UW-Madison’s campus has been heavily engulfed in the campus carry debate, with possible legislation for campus carry pending.

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