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SNL lampoons liberal social justice culture with “woke jeans” ad [VIDEO]

(Photo via SNL, NBC)

Saturday Night Live returned for its 43rd season this weekend and reminded audiences that they can poke fun at liberals for their absurdity just as much as President Trump.

In a parody ad, SNL cast members (and host Ryan Gosling) portrayed models wearing different types of jeans and began critiquing their clothes and what they say about them.

“My jeans tell me I’m a man,” Mikey Day says.

“My jeans tell me I’m a woman,” Kate McKinnon says.

Gosling jumps in, “Yo, you don’t know me jeans.”

“I’m me.”

“I’m unique.”

“I’m WOKE!”

McKinnon then asks, “Why aren’t my jeans?”

That’s when a narrator introduces Levi’s “Wokes,” a sizeless, style-neutral, gender non-conforming denim for “a generation that defies labels.”

“Levi’s heard that if you’re not woke, it’s bad,” the narrator continues. “So, we made these.”

“Woke” jeans are not so much jeans as they are brown, baggy MC Hammer pants. However, the models say even the color is offensive, so they invented a new color to describe them, calling it “Greb.” “They’re not brown, but they’re not not brown.”

“It’s a handful of colors, none of which are dominant,” Heidi Gardner explains.

“Just like our country… Oh, wait!” Day says, attempting to highlight the rise of white supremacy in the United States because of Donald Trump getting elected president. “Woke!”

Judging someone by their style is impossible now because Levi’s Wokes have no style. When it comes to the size of the “woke” jeans, Leslie Jones confronts the viewer to ask about her accomplishments and not about her pant size.

“They fit EVERYBODY,” McKinnon says.

“Because they fit NOBODY,” Kenan Thompson continues.

One of the best features to this pocket-less garment is that since it doesn’t assume gender, it has a 180 degree zipper they call “Uni-fly.”

The kicker is that Levi’s Wokes aren’t made in “some factory by Indonesian kids,” they’re made in America by white kids.

Watch the full hilarious ad below: