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Former NFL star Herschel Walker defends Trump, says NFL should make players stand

(Screenshot via TMZ)

Retired NFL running back and Heisman Trophy winner, Herschel Walker told TMZ Friday that he supports President Trump’s stance on players kneeling in protest to the national anthem.

“Where were everyone before the season started? I didn’t see anyone protesting in front of the White House or protesting in front of Congress, or protesting in front of police officers,” Walker said.

Walker says there are times and places to demonstrate, but argues that players workplace is not an appropriate platform for the protests.

“If you want to protest, protest off the job,” he said.

Walker criticizes both the players and the league commissioner, Roger Goodell for allowing players to kneel.

“I think everyone needs to stand, everyone needs to be respectful,” Walker said.

The former football star says that the NFL is a company and should be viewed as such and that Goodell risks losing advertisers and sponsors.

“The commissioner now needs to take control of this,” Walker told TMZ.

Walker says if he were commissioner he would allow players and even join players during the offseason who’d like to walk in protest on Capitol Hill. The NFL legend says he agrees that black lives matter and that there are good and bad police officers, but he says it’s an issue we face as a country, not with one person.

“We can’t just point the finger at one person and most of all you can’t point it at the president,” he said.

Walker has been a loyal Trump supporter and friend of the president. In an interview in with TMZ in July, Walker said he’s known Donald Trump before he was “The Donald.”

“If anyones to defend the American anthem and the flag it better be your president of the United States otherwise guys we’re lost,” Walker said.

Walker admits that he sometimes disagrees with the way President Trump addresses things but said, ‘he’s still my leader.’

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