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Actual law school courses: “Social Justice Lawyering” and “First Amendment Fundamentalism”

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University of Miami (UM) School of Law is teaching future lawyers how to advocate for social justice, amongst other left-wing causes.

One course, Social Justice Lawyering, “explores the role of lawyers in work for social change.” According to its online course description, students learn of the histories of social justice lawyering while also examining modern day causes.

A more specific course, Immigration Law, covers “foundations of the immigration power” and “substantive provisions and procedures governing admission and exclusion” as well as “refugees and political asylum; judicial review; and the evolving meaning and value of citizenship.” It is accompanied with a two-semester, six credit Immigration Clinic.

The Coral Gables law school also offers courses in Climate Change and Environmental Justice. The course in climate change covers topics including “the intersection of human rights and climate change.” The latter course focuses on “advocacy and transactional assistance to low- and moderate-income communities discriminated against by public and private actors in the fields of civil rights.”

Perhaps the most shocking course offering is one titled Islamic Legal System. Its course description reads in full, “This course is an introduction to the Islamic legal system in both its historical and contemporary forms. The course will cover substantive areas of Islamic law such as constitutional, business law and property, commercial transactions, criminal and family law. The course will focus on the sources of law, the theory and application of law within the Islamic state, the application of Islamic law in modern state systems, and a view of the conflict between Islamic and Western law. This course will offer a comparative study that illustrates the contrasts with modern legal, secular and constitutional principles.”

While the private school has every right to pick and choose which topics it finds most important for its students, the slant in perspective is clear.

“Law school was filled with left-leaning professors and subject matter, even way back when I attended. But I don’t remember course descriptions being politicized to this extent by the law school administration,” Richard DeNapoli, a UM School of Law graduate and State Committeeman of the Broward County GOP, told Red Alert Politics. “This is a whole other level of thought policing,” he continued.

Only two courses specifically focus on the topic of free speech; one is a standard law course, Constitutional Law, and the other is titled First Amendment Fundamentalism.

This “First Amendment fundamentalism” is characterized by “a selective, rigid, and self-righteous interpretation of the doctrine of free speech,” according to UM. The course description says that those who believe in “First Amendment fundamentalism” have a “distorted view” of the sacred right and “undermine” discourse in America.

Red Alert Politics’ request for comment was ignored by several law professors at the University of Miami.

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