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VIDEO: Angry liberal steals student’s MAGA hat, threatens his life

via Matthew Vitale

A nine-minute video that is now going viral shows a leftist student stealing another student’s Make America Great Again hat and verbally accosting the College Republican student in the Student Life Office at the University of California-Riverside.

The video starts off with Matthew Vitale, the External Vice President of the UC-Riverside College Republicans, saying, “You stole my property. My Make America Great Again hat!” as he followed the unidentified, angry leftist into the campus student life office. Believing Vitale will be punished, she turns the hat over to the staff. Instead, the office staff tries to de-escalate the situation while the hat thief rants about genocide and privilege.

“Hey y’all, so this guy thought it would be a good idea to go into the conference wearing this f*cking hat,” she says to the front desk.

Vitale and the hat thief were both attending a retreat as leaders of their respective student organizations. Clearly upset, but considerably calm, Vitale states many times, “All I want here is my property… I didn’t want to do this… I started none of this.”

He also attempted to teach the hat thief about private property laws and freedom of speech to no avail.

“I stole your property? Your ancestors stole this land! […] Your f*cking freedom of speech is genocide, homeboy. Is that what you’re trying to represent?” the hat thief screams. “I hate this f*cking country!”

When it becomes clear that the UC-Riverside staff will not punish Vitale for wearing a MAGA hat, the hat thief turns on the campus mediators.

“Come on, like somebody f*cking back me up in this sh*t!” she pleads with the staff handling the situation.

When all else fails, the hat thief threatens Vitale.

“We’re so lucky we’re in a university…. Yeah, we are because if we were outta here, I swear you’d f*cking die.”

The video ends with law enforcement showing up and refusing to let the student leave.

“I decided not to press charges but she is being referred to the Office of Student Conduct. I’ll be following up with them,” Vitale told Red Alert Politics.

Ironically, the hat thief claims she “deals with micro-aggressions on the daily” yet the only individual being targeted for race, ethnicity, or ideological belief throughout the video is the College Republican.

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