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UPDATE: “F— Donald Trump” professor deemed a “very good teacher” by Bridgewater State University

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Bridgewater State University (BSU) has decided that its professor’s expletive-filled, anti-Trump rants posted to social media do not warrant punishment or concern. Instead, BSU finds Garrett W. Nichols to be a “very good teacher.”

Since the 2016 election, Nichols has made several questionable, anti-Trump posts. The most shocking post reads (***warning, bad language***):

“When my students break down crying because they were worried that the way they dressed that morning might end up getting them killed, then you can take your well-meaning concern trolling and shove it up your ass.
Fuck Donald Trump.
Fuck ANYONE who voted for Donald Trump.
Fuck ANYONE who tries to explain to me the “real” needs of people who voted for Donald Trump.
Fuck ANYONE who tells me this is a “class issue” when working class people of color, working class queers, and working class immigrants weren’t dazzled by Trump’s “tell it like it is” rhetorical hand jobs.
Fuck ANYONE who tries to pretend that this was not white supremacy, misogyny, anti-semitism, transmisogyny, and heterosexism voting with their pussy-grabbing fingers.
Fuck ANYONE who comes at me saying I’m being disrespectful right now.
Fuck ANYONE who tries to sell me some line about “coming together.” We ARE together over here. And you are no longer welcome.”

While the university recognizes that the professor’s views “do not represent our stated institutional values of civility and respect,” the university president is not taking action against the professor.

On the contrary, BSU President Frederick W. Clark sent out an email which read in part, “after carefully reviewing the matter, we have found that the community member’s classes were a safe place to learn, debate, and respectfully share viewpoints. There is no and has never been any evidence to the contrary. We have a very good teacher in the classroom.”

Not everyone at BSU agrees with President Clark, however.

“I can confidently speak for all conservatives on campus and say we would not feel comfortable with him being our professor; especially knowing he believes we all belong in the KKK,” Jason Ross, the Massachusetts State Chairman of the College Republicans told Red Alert Politics.

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