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Young white Democrats say their party doesn’t care about them: Poll

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Millennials may have a low opinion of President Donald Trump, but Democrats don’t seem to be benefiting from their discouragement, according to a new study.

According to a poll released by NBC News/GenForward on Wednesday, 55 percent of white Democrats (aged 18-34) believe the Democratic party doesn’t care about people like them. Comparing that statistic to Democrats (aged 18-34) of other racial backgrounds, 69 percent of African Americans, 68 percent of Asian Americans, and 60 percent of Latinos believe the Democratic party cares about them.

When it came to how millennials felt about President Trump, his highest approval rating came from white millennials, where 30 percent believe he’s doing a good job. 53 percent of white millennials disapprove. Trump has a very low approval rating from African Americans (7 percent), Asian Americans (11 percent), and Latinos (13 percent).

Yet, in spite of those low approval numbers, the Democratic party is on thin ice with millennials. While the GOP has a 58 percent unfavorable rating, the Democratic party has a 42 percent unfavorable rating. Only 43 percent of millennials approve of the current state of Democrats. Nearly half of all millennials surveyed (46 percent) believe the Democratic party cares about them.

Democrats have been slow in building a cohesive message that resonates with millennials. The only platforms they have that they think will earn them votes is doubling down on raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour (which could cost millions of jobs), reforming health care to a single-payer system via Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and impeaching President Trump.

According to Deloitte Millennial Survey 2017, a quarter of millennials (25 percent) are worried about unemployment. Of 18 items listed, the job market ranked third among millennials’ concerns. Issues like environmentalism and combatting climate change lie towards the bottom of that ranking.

If the current trend continues, Republicans might dodge a bullet in the midterm election as millennials will be even further dissuaded from showing up to the polls. Democrats have a big opportunity ahead of them, and they’re striking out.

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