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Media focuses on football, ignores church shooting and the armed hero who prevented further tragedy

Jessica Hill | The Associated Press

Hey you! Yeah, you burning the jersey… and you too, tweeting #TakeAKnee! Perhaps you missed the biggest event to take place on Sunday?

Before Sundays were about football, in God-fearing America, Sundays were set aside for worship; and this last Sunday, some in the Bible Belt were still honoring the time-honored tradition when a terribly tragedy took place.

At the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Nashville, a Sudanese immigrant, Emanuel Kidega Samson, drove through the parking lot of the church, shooting and killing 39-year-old Melanie Smith, a mother of two and devoutly religious person, according to her daughter Brenna.

Samson then got out of the car, entered the church, and wounded six parishioners, including the pastor, as he moved down the main aisle. Suddenly, 22-year-old church usher Robert Engle leapt to the rescue, wrestling with and fighting Samson until the assailant accidentally shot himself and fell to the ground. Engle, after being pistol-whipped, got to his own car, came back with his registered firearm, and held Samson at gunpoint until the police arrived.

Didn’t hear any of this on the major cable networks? Perhaps it’s because when a good guy with a gun takes down a bad guy with a gun, reporting on taking a knee is more convenient for leftist media.

The Metro Nashville Police Department immediately lavished praise on young Engle, remarking that he saved more lives than he could imagine, calling the man a hero. Engle, in return, dismissed that label, choosing to keep that status for the first responders present.

After all these details came out, doesn’t this sound like a story that everyone could get behind to rally America in divisive times? Instead, the weekend was dominated by the culture war between President Trump and the NFL. It was focused on everything that divides us, and the subject that is under more of a microscope that anything else: race.

This is partially the fault of a President who just can’t let trivial attacks against his image go. It’s also partially the fault of a clickbait media whose taken sensationalism to steroid-induced levels. Every new issue is the end of times.

Also, consider this: think of all the recent massacres of our time, going back to Columbine. We know all the villains of the story, all those with semi-automatics who wind up shooting themselves before they can be taken into captivity. But can anyone name a heroic police officer or first responder in those stories? Can anyone name a recent event off the top of their head, period, that was an act of heroism?

The media has put the spotlight on the criminal for 50 years, probably since Lee Harvey Oswald became a household name. So many TV shows revolve around gangs or criminals, and when police are portrayed it’s usually in a gritty and edgy dramas, and rarely shows the upsides of precinct work.

We’re now in a culture of controversy, not of courageousness, and sadly that leads to kneeling overshadowing courageous acts like those of Engle over the weekend. Until we begin to utilize the free market, and either boycott these media companies or cut the cord altogether, the stories the nightly news calls “kickers” will always stay at the end of the broadcast, and not the lead.

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