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UT officials silent as leftist campus organization repeatedly vandalizes conservatives’ property

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The Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) is pressing charges against the Revolutionary Student Front (RSF), a far-left organization at the University of Texas at Austin, after they repeatedly vandalized their sign near the student union on west campus.

The first act of vandalism happened Tuesday morning when a wooden a-framed sign for YCT was toppled and defaced with propaganda for RSF. The conservative student organization notified the Director of Student Activities and filed a police report when they discovered the damage.

After this, a YCT member who was monitoring the sign witnessed an individual scribble a Hitler mustache on a picture of Uncle Sam, the main feature on the sign. According to a press release from the organization, the YCT member approached the suspect and began recording the incident, but the individual “turned his cap in such a way to conceal his face and quickly bicycled away.” The organization filed another police report and notified Student Activities of the new criminal activity.

Yet again, on Thursday morning, YCT members discovered that the sign had the word “racism” written on it, and most of their original message marked over, according to the Daily Texan.

Despite the repeated acts of vandalism and YCT’s requests for action to be taken against RSF, the University has not yet responded in any official capacity.

“We are not satisfied with the lack of response,” YCT director of events Saurabh Sharma told the Daily Texan. “We’re beginning to get the idea that the University is making a statement with their inaction.”

Sharma also told the Texan that the University has turned a blind eye to RSF activity in the past, and allows them to table on campus despite failing to register as a student organization. In addition, one of their members allegedly approach an YCT tabling event on Constitution Day and tore up material, including copies of the United States Constitution.

The College Republicans at Texas, an official branch of the Republican Party on campus, issued a statement supporting YCT, noting that acts of “political intimidation” violate the university’s core values. “Vandalism and political intimidation of any sort do not represent Longhorn values and thus should be denounced vehemently by our Student Body,” the statement said.

YCT stressed that, despite their disappointment in the lack of action taken by the University on the matter, they still support free speech on campus. “We believe in free speech,” Sharma said. “It is RSF’s right to engage in political activism. But that crawled into criminality.

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