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Pamela Geller: Colleges are “Antifa recruitment centers”

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Pamela Geller, President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and Stop Islamization of America (SIOA), stood by Milo Yiannopoulos’ side on Saturday to discuss Free Speech Week and announce her new book: Fatwa: Hunted in America which is being published by Milo Inc.’s Dangerous Books.

“Yes, Milo is publishing my book, Fatwa: Hunted in America,” Geller stated in a press conference on Facebook Live. “It’s my story, it’s what happens when someone fights for freedom in America today. Hunted for death, living under fatwa, this is my story, and it’s every story of any person that dares stand up in the defense of freedom.”

Dangerous Books, an independent publishing company started by Yiannopoulos in 2017, came about when Yiannopoulos lost his book deal with Simon and Schuster. Its mission is to fight within the culture war and publish what other more politically-correct publishers won’t touch.

“Milo is brave. Very few book publishers would publish this story for fear of being blown up,” Geller stated. “But this is the future of book publishing: ideas that people need to hear that are silenced, that are crushed, I believe Milo’s book publishing will be a giant in the future. This is the future of media, this is the future of book publishing. This is how we will win this vicious, ugly war on our freedoms.”

Geller’s Fatwa: Hunted in America is currently ranked #1 in “Libertarianism” on Amazon through pre-orders and will be released on November 1st. In it, Geller tells her story of how she went from New York City career girl to an internationally known (and in some circles, hated) activist for free speech, individual rights, and equality for all.

Geller published her last book, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America, with Simon & Schuster and her first book, Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance,  with WND Books.


During her remarks on Saturday, Geller took direct aim at the American higher education system, calling colleges “Antifa recruitment centers.”

“Colleges aren’t institutions of higher learning anymore, they’re Antifa recruitment centers. And university officials aid and abet and applaud the left’s thuggery,” she said.

At the same press conference, Yiannopoulos challenged Carol Tecla Christ, Chancellor of the University of California – Berkeley, and Janet Napolitano, the President of the University of California education system, to a debate. No word on if either campus administrator has taken interest in such a dialogue. It was also made known that although Ann Coulter and Steve Bannon would not participate in the events for Free Speech Week, Milo Inc. plans to have them speak at Berkeley later this school year.

Geller however, stuck by Yiannopoulos’ side throughout the entire weekend and marched alongside him, arm-in-arm, at his Free Speech rally on Sunday.

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Critics have called her “the most dangerous woman in America,” “far-right hate queen,” and “the anti-Muslim movement’s most visible and flamboyant figurehead.” Geller takes those insults in stride and calls them a badge of honor.

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