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First woman ever: Marine completes grueling 13-week infantry officer course

(Screenshot via Marines youtube video)

On Monday morning, history was made for the U.S. Marine Corps as they graduated the first women to ever complete the infantry officer course (IOC).

The IOC is known to be one of the most grueling tests for Marines. About 25 percent on average of those who attempt course fail. The tests started in July, and of the 131 marines who attempted the course, 88 graduated Monday morning in Quantico, VA. The IOC course is the last step for Marines to become a combat platoon commander.

As part of the course, Marines are graded on six ‘tactical movement exercises’ which include the completion of 9.3-mile hikes while carrying loads of up to 152 pounds.

The lieutenant, who wishes to remain anonymous, is the first female to ever complete the 13-week course.

The IOC began accepting women in 2012, but only on an experimental basis to see if they could complete the tasks and integrate into ‘all-male units.’ During the tests, 32 women tried, and all failed to finish the course. It wasn’t until December of 2015 that the Pentagon opened all jobs to women. In the almost two-year time span that women have been eligible to attempt the IOC, four have tried and only one has successfully completed it.

The Marine Corps posted the video below Monday morning showcasing the first female officer and some the tasks the group completed.