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BREAKING: Berkeley Free Speech Week will be canceled — Exclusive

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UPDATE: Milo Yiannopoulos’ social media accounts confirm the Berkeley Patriot is canceling all Free Speech Week activities it sponsored. The Berkeley Patriot’s attorney sent a three page letter to UC Berkeley’s Interim Vice Chancellor this morning, which reads in part, “you are hereby notified the Berkeley Patriot is canceling all Free Speech Week activities it sponsored. This cancellation is solely because of the actions, as well as threats made…by administration…”

Yiannopoulos will hold an “eve of battle” press conference which can be watched on live-stream today at noon (pacific time.) Yiannopoulos will also lead a Free Speech march on Sunday with Mike Cernovich, Lauren Southern, SABO, Lisa De Pasquale, and Ariana Rowlands.

Red Alert Politics has learned Berkeley Free Speech Week is canceled. According to many sources involved with the planning of the highly anticipated event, student leaders of the Berkeley Patriots are scared of Antifa and the Berkeley administration — and are altogether overwhelmed by the controversy.

Milo Inc. announced a press conference which will take place in San Francisco tomorrow afternoon. There, the Berkeley Patriot’s editor in chief Mike Wright will explain the controversy in greater detail.

One of the event’s speakers, who wished to remain anonymous, told Red Alert Politics that while the students are backing out Milo Yiannopoulos will continue on.

Yiannopoulos echoes these sentiments, insisting that Free Speech Week is still a go. It is possible for Milo Inc. to have private citizens speak at the public campus without support of a student group.

KQED Public Radio’s John Sepulvado reports that student organizers have filed a complaint against UC Berkeley with the United States Department of Justice.

Another speaker confirmed to Red Alert Politics that the circulating rumors about Free Speech Week are true.

Red Alert Politics will continue to monitor this situation and update this story as necessary.

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