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Red Alert contributor Ariana Rowlands will speak at Free Speech Week

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Red Alert Politics contributor Ariana Rowlands is scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Week, hosted by the Berkeley Patriots and MILO Inc.

The event is scheduled to take place September 24th through the 27th and has been dubbed the right-wing Woodstock.

Rowlands is the only student speaking at the event. Other keynotes include Monica Crowley, Mike Cernovich, fired Google employee James Damore, and Milo Yiannopoulos himself.

In a statement released on Monday, Yiannopoulos said that the school’s administration has been working on overdrive to disrupt the event and dissuade speakers from attending.

Rowlands recently took to Facebook, posting a cryptic message which vaguely nods to the trouble going on between MILO Inc. and UC Berkeley.

“The newest college administration trick to stop a conservative speaker from speaking at their campus is to pretend like they’re going to be cooperative with the event and make empty promises to bring the student group’s guard down. Then, just when event details need to be finalized, the administration completely flips the script by digging up arbitrary reasons as to why the previously agreed to contractual requirements cannot be fulfilled and gives new, completely unacceptable requirements that must be met by a fast-approaching deadline or else they say they’ll be forced to cancel the event. Colleges across California are attempting this. Sad! They will lose!” Rowlands posted to Facebook.

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Rowlands could be referring to how UC Berkeley gave the Free Speech Week hosts only 90-minutes to pay $65,000 in security fees before an arbitrary deadline or how they allegedly refuse to verify room reservations that have been pending for months.

Rowlands exclusively told Red Alert Politics that she will “declare war on college administrators” in her upcoming speech, a topic the Chairwoman of Rebuild California College Republicans knows well.

“The tyrannical censorship of conservative voices by college administrators is so bad everywhere, but especially in California and it is only getting worse. College administrators will no longer be able to get away with squashing conservatives without repercussion. They would not leave us alone, they would not let us be, they continued their unjust harassment of conservative students. They wanted a war, and a war is what they’re going to get from our College Republicans. We will responsibly do the same unto them as they have done unto us: publicly humiliate them, threaten them with legal culpability, and show no mercy. But unlike them, we were born with spines and we will not relent. We will not stop until we are treated with fairness and equality,” said Rowlands.

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