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Professor calls his students “future dead cops,” gets placed on leave

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A professor with ties to Antifa is under major scrutiny due to an anti-cop tweet which came to light after an appearance on Fox News’  Tucker Carlson Tonight.

“Some of y’all might think it sucks being an anti-fascist teaching at John Jay College but I think it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops,” Professor Michael Isaacson tweeted on August 23.

Isaacson struggled to explain himself to Tucker Carlson in a heated interview about Antifa, describing himself as both an anarchist and an Antifa member. He said, “I believe communities have a right to defend themselves against a threat to their community.”

Antifa is best known for rioting after the 2016 election and whenever a conservative speaker so much as glances at the campus of UC Berkeley.

Tucker Carlson asked Isaacson to distinguish between free speech and violence, and Isaacson responded by listing off the number of security guards at the Fox News studios. This thoroughly confused Carlson, who said “I am honestly not following you.”  

Isaacson went on to claim “safe civil discourse is ultimately what we all want,” which of course is the antithesis of what AntiFa does. Instead they try to shut down speech they don’t like. Isaacson does claim, however, that a group of people like Antifa can shut down speech they find harmful to their community.

Carlson retorted, “You don’t own the public square!” with Isaacson firing back, “The public isn’t even in charge of the public square! We’re talking about a system that has been gerrymandering people out of representation, okay. If we’re relying on the cops, ultimately the cops are working for the very people you work for, and not in the interest of the vast majority of society. We don’t’ have representation by the state. We don’t.”

Carlson asked Isaacson how he would treat a right-wing student in his class. Isaacson immediately conflated Trump voters with the alt-right. (The alt-right does support Trump, but they are only a small fraction of Trump supporters.) He said, “I had an alt-right supporter actually in my class last semester. I worked on him with him on his papers…I am not discriminating against my students.”

Of course, he does view his students as “future dead cops,” which forced the New York college to place Isaacson on leave. Until last week, Isaacson taught future law enforcement officers at CUNY Manhattan in the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

The New York City police union has demanded that Isaacson be fired. Even liberal mayor Bill de Blasio has called the remarks “vile.”

It seems as Isaacson is unapologetic, however, per one of his most recent tweets.

Watch the exchange between Carlson and Isaacson below.

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