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After DACA deal, few Trump voters attend “Mother of All Rallies.” Those who showed up explain why

(Photo via Siraj Hashmi/Red Alert Politics)

On Saturday, Trump supporters from across the country gathered in Washington, D.C. for an event called the “Mother of All Rallies.” Organizers expected the event to draw a crowd of one million ‘pro-Trumpers.’ However, fewer than one thousand supporters attended.

Despite lower turnout than anticipated, morale was high. With the president, nearly nine months into his term, Red Alert Politics asked millennial supporters to rate Trump’s performance so far.

“There are a couple of things I am grumpy with, but I think that’s mostly because he’s having a hard time dealing with the swamp and the general establishment,” Glenn Meyer, from Chicago, IL who was also attending the Juggalo March later in the day, said.

Rally goers acknowledged that the gridlock in Congress has been frustrating, but, overall, his base remains hopeful of the president’s power to negotiate with lawmakers.

The top issue that Pro-Trumpers criticized the president on was his stance on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program. The president ended the program in early September, but implemented a six-month grace period for DACA recipients with the hope of  finding a legislative solution.

“I am a little disappointed with the DACA matter because I think it could have been tossed out of the window like yesterday,” Jordan Davis, from Berkeley, CA, said.

Paloma Zuniga traveled from Mexico City to attend the rally. Zuniga said that for too long she has witnessed her country take advantage of the United States.

“[DACA recipients] are demanding rights that they were never given because they weren’t even born here,” Zuniga said.

She wants the president to stay true to his word on ending DACA, and to follow through on his tough immigration policies. Zuniga has citizenship in both the United States and Mexico and says she has seen first-hand dreamers take advantage of the U.S. through the DACA program.

Despite supporters acknowledging that Trump fell short of their expectations on the DACA deal, his base remains confident that he is sticking to his ‘America First’ agenda.

“We love him. We still support him. The fake news will say a lot of us are against him because of the DACA deal,” Tahmee Gonzales, of Arizona, said, “We’re not. We are disappointed, but we are still with our president.”

The president has also received recent backlash for negotiating with Democrats.  Trump supporters defended his bipartisan efforts, and said they are encouraged by his willingness to do what is necessary to make a deal.

“There has been this motive or mindset that both sides can’t work together. Both sides have to work together,” Diante Johnson, of Illinois, said.

Johnson, Founder of the Black Conservative Foundation, says that he understands Trump’s style of deal-making after reading his book the ‘Art of the Deal.’ Johnson believes a bipartisan approach will help Trump break the standstill in Congress.

“Him working with Chuck Schumer. Him working with Nancy Pelosi. It’s good because he has to have a relationship with the Democrat leadership if he wants to get anything passed,” Johnson said.

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