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Campus newspaper: President Trump is exploiting hurricane visit for profit

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The editorial board for the University of Florida school newspaper reached a new low this past week, when they accused President Donald Trump of using Hurricane Harvey to profit himself, simply because he wore a “USA” hat during a visit to the recovery efforts.

According to the student editors, Trump has been seen wearing a “USA” baseball cap at every appearance he has made during Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Apparently people don’t normally wear caps with suits, so they conclude that he is simply doing so to promote the sales of his USA hats. (Note to UF journalism majors: the MAGA hat and suit combo was very popular in Republican circles circa 2016).

“What makes us even more disappointed in our commander in chief is that he seems to be using the disaster as an opportunity to promote the sales of his new baseball caps,” the editors write. “Since a baseball cap isn’t typically paired with a suit and tie, one can only assume he is wearing them for a reason — free advertising.”

Despite having zero evidence behind the ludicrous claim that Trump is using Harvey to sell his hats, the editors also complain that Trump isn’t explicitly giving any of his hat profits to charity.

“Trump has clearly and blatantly been extorting this horrific event as a way to make money for himself,” the editorial reads. “Perhaps we could let it slide if at least some of the money he makes from hat sales were going to a good place like a disaster relief fund.”

Of course, the article has zero mentions of President Trump’s bipartisan commitments to get Hurricane Harvey relief money to Texas quickly, and also ignores that fact that he even donated $1 million of his own personal money to give to charities for relief efforts. It also ignores that the president has declined to take a salary and instead, has opted to gift quarterly installment to different government entities; first quarter was to the National Park Service, and second quarter was to the Department of Education.

The editorial also falsely accused Trump of not having met with a single victim from the disaster, citing a tweet from comedian Billy Eichner. Contrary to a number of false media reports, President Trump was actively present during Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, meeting with children and families who had lost their homes and were living in shelters.

Sadly even when American’s are banding together to help out those in need during disasters like Hurricane Harvey, shoddy campus journalists are willing to resort to smear tactics over petty politics.

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