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Tasteless campus banner condemns “so-called war on terror” on 9/11 anniversary

via Peter Van Voorhis

While millions of Americans mourned the tragedy of the September 11th attacks, students at Amherst College awoke to a massive banner hanging above the dining hall that insulted the victims of 9/11 and the American flag.

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people,” the banner read, quoting Howard Zinn, the late left-wing activist and anarchist who was noted for his condemnation of America’s “endless atrocities” on the world stage.

The banner ignored the victims of 9/11 entirely, and followed Zinn’s quote with: “In honor of those killed and displaced by America’s so-called ‘war on terror.’”

It is unclear who hung the banner and it has since been removed.

Red Alert Politics talked with College Republicans at Amherst College who put up their own 9/11 display with a more patriotic nature.

“Regardless of your opinion on the ways in which the United States has engaged in foreign affairs since September 11, 2001, this day should be preserved as one of remembrance and honor,” Amherst College Republicans Chair Kristen Molina told Red Alert Politics.

“As a college student in the U.S., it is important to respect this nation and understand the intent of the terrorist attacks that occurred here sixteen years ago,” Molina continued. “Those responsible wanted to erode trust in our values, our government, and each other. Thousands lost their lives that day simply for living in the United States, a country that provides so much opportunity. September 11th should be a day for us to recall the values that have made the United States strong, and remember those whose lives are forever affected by the 2001 attacks.”

The Amherst College Republicans, who constructed a memorial in honor of those who perished 16 years ago, were “disgusted” by the actions of radical Left students on campus, who chose to politicize a day of remembrance.

“As a club, all we sought to do was construct a memorial in honor of those who perished during this awful mark in our history, and also to commemorate those who bravely rushed into the flaming rubble,” Amherst College Republicans Secretary Brantley Mayers told Red Alert Politics. “I suppose that is too much for some on our campus, who instead decided to use this day as a political one rather than a one of remembrance, a shameless act that is disrespectful to the millions of Americans affected by this attack on our country.”

Morgan Yurosek, an executive board member of the Amherst College Republicans, told Red Alert Politics that, “There is a time and place to discuss the political and humanitarian implications of the war on terror; that day is not September 11th. This rhetoric is insensitive to the families of 9-11 victims, first responders, and the men and women in our armed services who sacrificed their life to protect our country from another terrorist attack.”

Amherst is not the only school to see classless actors on campus during the solemn day of September 11th. Students at Notre Dame found sidewalk graffiti reading “500,000 Iraqis murdered” written in chalk beneath the campus flagpole and students at Cleveland State University had their chalk memorial for 9-11 victims powerwashed off the sidewalk.

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