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Professors around the country fail to reflect on 9/11 in the classroom

(AP Photo/Daily News, Bac To Trong)

Most freshmen in college were only two or three years-old when the horrendous terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 took place. As such, many only remember what they’ve been taught in the classroom and the hallowed memory of such events is starting to fade amongst the youngest generation.

Patriotic students across the country, aided by groups like Young America’s Foundation, have worked to make sure that their fellow students “Never Forget” the events of that took place that day by creating on campus memorials and talking about our nation’s recent history with friends.

Even young Americans, however, were shocked that their professors at American universities failed to even mention the anniversary of the vicious attacks and took their surprise to Twitter.

These tweets came from students from across the country, including University of Pennsylvania, Seward County Community College in Kansas, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Winona State University in Minnesota, and Black Hill State University in South Dakota.

Check them out below:










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