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Physics professor: Science can’t be trusted because it’s ‘conducted primarily by white men’

(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

A physics professor at the University of Washington is blaming white male scientists for having too much influence in the field of scientific research.

“It’s 2017, and people are still debating whether or not women are intellectually inferior to men, and whether we are entitled to a workplace that isn’t toxic to people simply based on their gender and sex,” Chanda Prescott-Weinstein writes in her piece for Slate.

The science cited by James Damore, in his now famous Google memo, indicates that women have different brains than men. According to Weinstein, this science cannot be trusted because the peer review process is corrupted and “scientific literature still supports a patriarchal view that ranks a man’s intellect above a woman’s.”

“Much of the science that resulted from this system, conducted primarily by white men, is what helped teach us that women were the inferior sex,” she said.

Weinstein goes on to attack white scientists as the root of the problem, complaining that science was developed based on their social views.

“Our scientific educations almost never talk about the invention of whiteness and the invention of race in tandem with the early scientific method which placed a high value on taxonomies,” complained Weinstein. “Which unsurprisingly and almost certainly not coincidentally supported prevailing social views.”

Rather than attacking any current prominent scientists who are white males, Weinstein focused in on Thomas Jefferson, because he once wrote that “blacks were inferior to the whites in the endowments of body and mind.”

“Jefferson is remembered as a great thinker, but when one reads his writing about race, it becomes immediately evident that rather than being much of a scientist… He was a biased white supremacist who hid behind science as a shield.”

Weinstein concluded by calling for the elimination of structural biases in education, housing, salaries, and health care that favor white men. She claims that her research publications will receive ten percent fewer publications simply because she is a woman.

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