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College Republicans blast CNN after host leads Antifa march at Berkeley

via Berkeley CRs

Naweed Tahmas, the Vice-President of the Berkeley College Republicans, took aim at CNN on a recent Fox Business appearance, condemning CNN’s failure to respond to their host W. Kamau Bell leading a march with the Antifa “criminal organization.”

“I was appalled when I saw a CNN show host lead a march with Antifa following in tow,” Tahmas told viewers. “I demand CNN issue a statement disavowing and condemning the actions of Kamau Bell who led a march with Antifa. Can you imagine Walter Cronkite leading a march with Antifa?”

Bell is the host of the CNN original series United Shades of America and formerly hosted Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell on FXX.

Tahmas’ appearance on Fox Business was in response to the continued violence in Berkeley, where Antifa has targeted College Republicans, conservatives, and other members of the public by ‘any means necessary.’ The group has caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage, and has been labeled as a ‘criminal gang’ by politicians on both the left and the right.

In an interview with Red Alert Politics, Tahmas said that, “I went on Fox News to demand CNN issue a statement disavowing Kamau Bell for participating in the violent demonstrations that took place… and for leading a march through Berkeley with Antifa and other leftist organizations that continually engage in mob violence.”

He told the Fox host that, “People are being beaten in the streets while police idly watched,” despite “the Mayor of Berkeley label[ing] this organization as a criminal gang. The city has descended into a state of anarchy.”

When asked his thoughts on Nancy Pelosi’s condemnation of Antifa, he shot back saying, “I appreciate the flowery rhetoric, but I believe actions speak louder than words. They have yet to act against these criminal organizations that harass our club members on a daily basis.”

Tahmas told Red Alert Politics that, “Unfortunately, I was not surprised to see a CNN show host involved with a violent leftist demonstration. No wonder the media establishment has been silent about this story. They do not want to expose one of their own for being involved in a rally that was ironically titled ‘Unite Against Hate.’”

“Do I think CNN will do the right thing and part ways with Mr. Bell?” he concluded. “I’m not holding my breath.”