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Campus liberals’ new strategy? Label College Republicans as ‘the Klan’

via ACR Facebook

The College Republicans at Amherst (ACR) were greeted to campus with a less than friendly gesture from leftist students. During their first chapter meeting of the school year, students sought out the group and taped flyers to the windows of their meeting space which read, “THIS IS OUR CAMPUS, NOT THE KLAN’S.”

“After a little break from Facebook, ACR has returned! Our first meeting of the year did not go without excitement…” the College Republicans posted to Facebook. “While the flyers may be related to another incident on campus that happened Sept. 5, the deliberate placement of the text facing the room where it was known an ACR meeting was occurring leads us to suppose this is an accusation of ACR being connected to the KKK,” the group explained.

via ACR Facebook

The September 5th event, referenced by the College Republicans, was a report of a noose hanging on the Pratt Football Field. The rope had prior been used for athletic training and police initiated an investigation.

“They posted the flyers on the door so that those of us inside could read them, and the manner in which they were behaving towards our group seemed kind of aggressive,” Kristen Molina, President of ACR told Red Alert Politics. “We definitely felt targeted during our meeting, but we acknowledge that the flyers were about something larger…the deliberate placement of the flyers on the door while our meeting took place was somewhat of a stab towards our organization,” Molina said.

This is not the first time left-leaning students have aimed to tie conservative students to extreme causes that they don’t represent. One recent example is how the College Republicans at San Diego State University (SDSU) were labeled a “white nationalist” group by the Young Democratic Socialists of SDSU because they asked the Muslim Student Association to condemn recent terror attacks overseas and announced their support for President Trump’s policy on DACA.

Both student groups have denounced such extremism.

ACR condemns white supremacy, the KKK & related groups, etc. and we hope the Amherst community at large will not fall into making broad & grave generalizations about those who fall on the right of the political spectrum,” the Amherst College Republicans concluded in their Facebook post.

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