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Stanford University course: “Love as a Force for Social Justice”

(AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki, File)

This fall, students in Palo Alto will be reminded that love is the answer, via a six-week class called “Love as a Force for Social Justice.”

The course explores a range of disciplines including biological, psychological, religious, and social perspectives on love.

One course objective is to “introduce participants to different concepts of love, to empower them to be conscious of the power of love and the possibility of practicing it in everyday life, and to highlight in particular the idea of love as a force for social justice.”

Love and the Brain, Love and Monotheistic Religions, and Love and Social Justice are just some of the weekly topics listed on the course syllabus.

The course, established in 2008, is taught by Anne Firth Murray, who in addition to teaching, serves on several boards and councils of non-profit organizations. These include the African Women’s Development Fund, Commonweal, the Global Justice Center, GRACE (a group working on HIV/AIDS in East Africa,) Hesperian Foundation, and UNNITI (a women’s foundation in India.) She is also the author of Paradigm Found: Leading and Managing for Positive Change.

“One day I wondered to myself why we weren’t teaching about ‘love’ at the university, and so, when I had an opportunity to teach another sophomore seminar, I suggested a course on ‘love,’ and the idea was accepted,” Professor Murray wrote in explanation of the course.

While this laughable course may conjure up images of students sitting in a circle, holding hands, and singing Kumbaya, it is worth noting that non-violent leftists are becoming a thing of the past and students may just need to be reminded of the value of non-violent activism.

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